Lindsey Burke: Coronavirus school closings should prompt states to pay parents to educate kids in other ways

At the same time, while maintaining the requirement that private tutors hold bachelor’s degrees, states should relax the requirement that they also have state-approved teaching licenses. This emergency reform could significantly boost the supply of available private tutors, increasing the number of instructors students can pay with their ESA and learn from online.

West Chester U To Employ ‘Opt-In’ Grading Policy Amid Coronavirus

“Knowing that the stresses of this reality are indeed creating an added burden for our students, WCU is seeking to maintain an educational environment centered on learning by focusing on the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for students to be successful in their personal and professional lives,” the university said in an email […]

With Coronavirus Making Medical Safety Gear Scarce, The Public Is Stepping Up. Here’s How To Help

Among other donations, IBM contributed 15,000 masks to Santa Clara County’s public hospitals, Wilder said. Over the weekend, Apple pledged to donate millions of masks to hospitals, and Pacific Gas & Electric said it would donate 950,000 masks. Nationally, some dentists who are closing their offices have dropped boxes of masks and gloves at local […]

Airbnb announces $25 million program for housing in Bay Area, LA County

Airbnb, which places travelers in homes operated by independent hosts, making money by taking a cut of the rentals, has faced criticism for potentially driving up rents and taking housing units off the market. In its hometown of San Francisco, Airbnb agreed to register hosts and limit rentals in compliance with local rules. It faces […]

MD Coronavirus Prompts Extended Public School Closures

Numerous school districts have been providing free meals to youth who simply show up at delivery sites to obtain breakfast, lunch and dinner while students have been out of school. Officials also have provided students with links to continue their learning online and through televised segments.

Coronavirus has some state agencies curtailing public services

Business as usual: anyone whose employment has been affected by COVID-19 can apply for benefits online or by calling 800-939-6631 weekdays between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Expect long wait times. The agency will investigate the reason for the applicant’s job loss and mail a decision on whether he or she has been approved.

GA Coronavirus: Public Schools To Stay Closed To April 24

Globally, more than 487,000 people have been infected and more than 22,000 people have died from the new coronavirus, Johns Hopkins reported Thursday. Of that total, more than 69,000 confirmed cases were in the United States, with more than 1,000 U.S. deaths tied to the virus outbreak.

More Shapiro: ‘I’m taking that program down to Chinatown’

“I’m taking that program down to Chinatown and the former players and links to that program. Why? Because the U.S. government lined up 47 former players to testify against me in open court if I went to trial. That in itself is motivation to shove it up their collective [butts].”

Mediaplanet Teams Up With Anna Victoria to Educate About Fertility

Anna Victoria, fitness influencer and founder of the Fit Body app, graces the cover of the print publication. Through an exclusive interview, Victoria reveals her fertility journey and wants to let other women know that they aren’t alone. Victoria encourages women considering IVF to speak openly about their experiences. “It doesn’t always go the way […]

Jeremy Corbyn says coronavirus crisis proves his hard-left policies were RIGHT, despite crushing election defeat, as shadow chancellor John McDonnell crows ‘the country is changing’

He added: ’I think our society and our politics will never be the same again, because we have suddenly realised as a society and a community, we need everybody – and everybody has a contribution to make.’