Trump’s immigration ban stranded a scientist with no job and no home

While the organizers of the open letter have not identified themselves, they told The Verge that they only include signatures sent from email addresses ending in ‘.edu’ — which signifies the email came from someone at an academic institution. Between 40 and 50 volunteers are working to verify those addresses. While The Verge has not […]

PM calls for ‘maximum flexibility’ in implementing NEP

“We have to collectively address all doubts. The vision of flexibility with which this policy was brought… We will have to show in a similar way maximum flexibility in implementing it,” Modi said while addressing the ‘Governors’ Conference on the Role of NEP in Transforming Higher Education’.

Anxiety about going back to work: Sophrologist expert gives tips & meditation methods for keeping calm

Don’t rush it!  Going back to work doesn’t mean you now need to play catch-up! The fear of not being able to keep up may be a factor behind your anxiety, but this reframe this as a time for questioning and learning, taking the time to do things well and efficiently instead of quickly. Doing […]

Massachusetts reports 4 new human West Nile virus cases

Wearing insect repellent and protective clothing, as well as draining standing water around gardens and homes where mosquitoes can lay eggs, can be helpful in reducing the risk of sustaining a mosquito bite, ultimately mitigating the risk of developing West Nile virus.

How Far Will Donald Trump Go to Win?

The husband and wife who lived in the house were our last door for the day. The wife eyed us warily at first, but soon warmed up and came out on the porch. Her husband took notice and joined the conversation. The couple nodded along as Sug (pronounced shug) talked about the greed of big […]