Greenhouse gas emissions around the world nearly back to pre-pandemic levels

The WMO report lands while the U.S. is experiencing another record-breaking bout of extreme weather, which is made more extreme by climate change. Just this past weekend, western states saw scorching heat, California lost a record amount of land to wildfires and two new Atlantic storms set records for how early they came in hurricane season. 

Nature in ‘freefall’: Global wildlife populations have declined by more than two thirds since 1970, WWF claims

– Turning forests, grasslands and other areas into farms, cities and other developments. The habitat loss leaves plants and animals homeless. About three-quarters of Earth’s land, two-thirds of its oceans and 85% of crucial wetlands have been severely altered or lost, making it harder for species to survive, the report said.

Book World: How to predict a pandemic: By meditating on disasters and how we see them

Gabbert reckons in her final three essays with the gaps in these perspectives. Watching the horrors of Donald Trump’s presidency unfold, and reflecting on the fact that there is more evil in the world than she could ever bear witness to, she attempts to draw conclusions about people’s collective and individual moral responsibilities. As she […]

There Are 100 Companies Responsible for Climate Change, Activist Says

A spokesperson said: “Sustainable climate change solutions require a united effort across industry, academia, government, and broader society, which is why our scientists and engineers collaborate with more than 80 universities, as well as government agencies and leading research organizations to develop breakthroughs in lower-emission technologies.”

Fifth of all global CO2 emissions come from the supply chains of large multinational companies such as Total, BP and Coca Cola, study finds

Carbon footprint of MNEs in the electronics sector in 2016 (MtCO2 at both axes). The blue bars represent the carbon emissions in supply chains of MNEs in a certain country. The lines represent the carbon emissions in supply chains of large foreign affiliates of Samsung and Apple 

Nearly 100 wildfires burn across US west with major fires out of control in California

As of Wednesday morning, the Bobcat fire in Angeles national forest, which erupted shortly after noon Sunday, has already torn through more than 10,000 acres. Authorities estimate that it’s burning at a rate of 1,000 acres every half hour and doubled in size on Tuesday into Wednesday.

In pictures: Explosive wildfires across California stoked by fierce winds

On Tuesday, flames overtook 14 firefighters who had to delploy last-resort emergency shelters and destroyed a fire station in Los Padres National Forest on California’s central coast. They suffered burns and smoke inhalation, and three were flown to a hospital in Fresno, where one was in critical condition, the U.S. Forest Service said.

Climate crisis could displace 1.2 billion people by 2050, report warns

Two people are seen at an ice cave entrance on the Rhone Glacier in the Swiss Alps. Every summer, the glacier is covered with huge sheets of white fleece blankets to slow down its melting, according to photographer Orjan F. Ellingvag. “The fleece-covered cave attracts more and more tourists worried about global warming and wanting […]

Kyoto Protocol Takes Effect

Joke Waller-Hunter, the Dutch chief of the treaty secretariat, said that while the Kyoto agreement was already having an impact on greenhouse gas admissions, it was only a first step that must be followed up with stronger agreements once it expires in 2012.

The US must lead in the fight against climate change

The benefits of global engagement don’t start and stop with technology, though. Exporting American energy, too, is beneficial — not only for our nation, but for nations who are dependent on authoritarian regimes such as Iran and Russia for their energy. Not only are those countries growing geopolitical threats, but American natural gas exports are […]