Mohanlal’s New Look Sets Social Media On Fire!

The rumours mills suggest that Mohanlal is sporting this new look for his directorial debut Barroz: Guardian Of D’Gama’s Treasure, in which he also plays the titular character. However, a few other sources state that the complete actor’s new look is for Drishyam 2, the project that he is expected to kickstart by the second […]

Cafe Del Rey Unveils New Menu, New Look And New Chef

Whether it’s happy hour in the lounge, a sunset dinner or brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Cafe del Rey feels like a beach vacation without ever leaving Los Angeles. Guests can now experience the unique mash-up of new and true that has drawn destination diners to the landmark location since its opening. The restaurant […]

Thrive Academy’s Keith Dickerson, Craig Kuester of Slaughter give 6-1A football new look

“I was hired late last year. They told me if I did what I was supposed to do I would be the head coach and now I am. We’ve got a number of kids back from last year and they’re working hard. My wife is from Natchez and this is close to her family. We […]

Notorious ex-WAG Arabella Del Busso looks VERY different with braided hair and bold eyebrows as she poses in animal print activewear

Controversial: Arabella is no stranger to controversy, especially following her high-profile split from Josh Reynolds of the Wests Tigers. They are pictured together in happier times

Record number of people from New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles are looking for new homes in cheaper, smaller metro areas like Phoenix, Sacramento and Las Vegas as mortgage rates dip and working remotely becomes the new norm

‘Facts are facts. We see the numbers going up … We see experts saying, “We need to reset,” but the reset has to start at the top. We have confusion, we have chaos. I think the president has to stand up and say what he didn’t say six month ago.

What New York’s Homelessness Crisis Looked Like in the 1980s

“My name is Peter,” he told me. “I’m from Hartford, but I ran away from home three years ago. I couldn’t get along with my father. I thought I’d come to New York and get a job in a factory or maybe a McDonald’s. I filled out lots of applications, but they never called. Now […]

Missing the beauty salon? This bestselling mascara gives you a salon lash lift look in a tube

For those of us who want people to wonder if we have somehow have had a professional beautician living with you through lockdown, Maybelline has released a new lash mask to enable you to pamper your lashes at home and help prevent lash loss.

‘Trident is old technology’: the brave new world of cyber warfare

When Bob joined Nato, he did an interview over the phone and moved to Mons, where he led “red team” exercises against alliance defences, using the latest hacks being passed around the underground forums. “It was never nine to five,” he says. “I was online 20 hours a day, looking at forums to see what […]

Strictly star Dianne Buswell looks unrecognisable with brown hair in latest photo

“Look at that,” he shouted. “I really like it, yeah cool… It’s like shorter at the back and long at the front.” To which, Dianne asked: “Do you think it suits me?” He replied: “Yeah, do you like it?” The dancer answered: “Yeah, it feels really fresh, it feels light.”

The world could look very different to investors in three months

The passage of the US election will also provide investors with greater clarity, particularly regarding the relationship with China. Goldman Sachs thinks that decoupling between the world’s two biggest economies is poised to continue no matter who wins, though Joe Biden would be less likely to employ tariffs.