Volkswagen says deliveries of ID.3 electric car to start in September

electric car will go on sale for under 40,000 euros ($45,484.00) next week, with deliveries due from September, as the German carmaker embarks on a mass production push for zero-emission cars.The launch price makes the ID.3 eligible for up to 9,000 euros in electric car incentives after Germany earlier this month doubled electric car subsidies […]

Is zero-emission truck maker Nikola the new Tesla, or just hot air?

Nikola aims to revolutionize the future of the transportation sector. But with one investor claiming the group is running on empty, it has been having a rollercoaster ride on the stock exchange for the past week.Founded in 2015 by Trevor Milton, the company is mainly working on the development of trucks and pick-ups powered by […]

Uber Says It Will Offer US Rides Only In Electric Vehicles By 2030

Uber is expanding a feature that allows users to request a ride in an electric vehicle. Uber says the option is available in 37 European cities already and will be in 60 global markets by year’s end, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and Toronto.

U.S. states vow to fight Trump rollback on auto emissions

DETROIT: California and 18 other U.S. states promised on Thursday to fight a Trump administration proposal to weaken fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks and force states into line, arguing the United States has an obligation to protect the environment for future generations.The administration billed the proposed rollback from Obama-era fuel efficiency standards as […]

Tata Motors’ campaign highlights the ‘electric’ future of India

Tata Motors has announced the launch of its ‘Never been to EVergreen’ campaign that highlights the need to create an ‘EVergreen Bharat’ and the launch of its Nexon EV car.The campaign emphasises on some of the iconic moments that have shaped the country’s present and now continue to pave the way forward as India moves […]

UK citizens’ assembly wants ‘fair’ path to 2050 net-zero emissions goal

LONDON: Taxes on frequent fliers, more wind and solar power, and better protection for nature should be key policies in Britain’s push to meet its promise to cut emissions to net zero by 2050, a citizens’ assembly advised the country’s lawmakers on Thursday.But its final recommendations in a report to parliament did not back nuclear […]

Volvo Cars partners with Plugsurfing for EV charging network

Volvo Cars has joined hands with charging firm Plugsurfing to offer Europe-wide charging service on all-electric models, the Swedish automaker has informed on Wednesday.With this partnership, drivers of fully electric Volvo Recharge models in Europe will have access to over 200,000 charging points, as the company claimed.As Volvo said, a Plugsurfing account will be included […]

Uber pledges to shift to ‘100 percent’ electric vehicles by 2030

The news comes as talk of requiring ride-hailing companies to use more electric vehicles is gaining traction among many big US cities. It’s also at a time when the view that ride-sharing services are more environmentally friendly than other modes of transportation has been contradicted by a growing body of evidence. Research suggests that the […]

Uber says it will offer rides only in electric vehicles in US, Europe by 2030

Uber says it will take steps to ease drivers’ transition to electric vehicles. In the US and Canada, drivers with electric vehicles with now receive an extra $1.50 per trip, Uber said, with $0.50 cents coming directly from the passenger. Drivers of hybrids will receive an extra $0.50 per trip. Uber also said it would […]

Uber promises 100% electric vehicles by 2040, commits $800 million to help drivers switch

In addition to the vehicle discounts, Uber said the $800 million includes discounts for charging and a fare surcharge for electric and hybrid vehicles, the cost of which would be partially offset by an additional small fee charged to customers who request a “green trip.”