Caravan and camping tips for beginners including best UK spots, gear and advice

Murray points out that today’s camping equipment is high quality and user-friendly, with easy to erect tents and beds. And he says you shouldn’t feel you have to stay somewhere close to home so you can come back if it rains. “Just take wet weather gear and if it’s pouring, go somewhere on a day […]

China poised to power huge growth in global offshore wind energy

“Over the coming decade we will see emerging offshore wind markets like Japan, Korea and Vietnam move to full deployment, and see the first offshore turbines installed in a number of new countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa,” Backwell added.

UK government gets green light to use personal data from citizens’ mobile phones to help fight coronavirus – but privacy experts brand the move ‘extremely concerning’ and warn it could lead to invasive surveillance

In a small group of patients, who seem mainly to be the elderly or those with long-term illnesses, it can lead to pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection in which the insides of the lungs swell up and fill with fluid. It makes it increasingly difficult to breathe and, if left untreated, can be fatal and […]

New UK obesity plan fails to address underlying problems

It has taken decades to persuade those in power in the UK that obesity cannot be ignored. The seminal Foresight report, which described the junk food environment we live in, was published in 2007, but there had been many earlier warnings. Covid-19 has now done what the soaring rates of type 2 diabetes and NHS […]

New trailer for Power Book II: Ghost confirms September release – with Tariq struggling to free Tasha from jail

New on Netflix: The best series and films released every day The best movies on Netflix to watch right now The best series to watch on Netflix The most terrifying horrors to watch on Netflix right now The best documentaries to watch on Netflix right now The best comedies to watch on Netflix right now […]

The UK’s private debt crisis will make this recession so much worse

The implicit assumption was that the disruption would be short-lived: once restrictions were lifted, the debts could be paid back. But this was always doubtful. Replacing income with debt is rarely a good idea, especially when that lost income is unlikely to be recouped. If anything, incomes and revenues coming out of lockdown will be […]

Powerful explosion rocks Lebanon’s capital Beirut, scores killed, thousands injured

“We are shocked by the pictures from Beirut,” they wrote on Twitter. “Workers from our embassy are among those who are injured. Our thoughts are with the relatives of the victims. Germany is standing by Lebanon in this difficult time. We are looking at what help we can offer.”

Mamman Daura, the silent power broker

Mamman Daura called for the cessation of the rotation and zoning culture which has been in place since 1999. It has outlived its usefulness, he said. Has the South East produced a president? Now that it is the turn of that geopolitical zone, it suddenly outlives its usefulness! Mind you, I am no longer nuts […]

Powerful Explosion Rocks Beirut, Killing at Least 100, Injuring Thousands

When asked whether he was confident the incident was an attack, and not an accident, Trump said: “Well, it would seem like it, based on the explosion.  I’ve met with some of our great generals, and they just seem to feel that it was.  This was not a – some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of […]

Global risk rally has a powerful ally: the weaker dollar

Several factors are driving the dollar lower. Investors piled into the dollar and other so-called havens during a coronavirus-fueled global stock sell-off in March. Trillions in stimulus from the world’s central banks and, more recently, signs of stabilization in U.S. growth, have reignited risk appetite and boosted the case for shifting back into equities and […]