‘Case of failed regulation’: UK environment agency chief on Bhopal gas horror

Using the example of the Bhopal disaster, Bevan said good regulation protects people and the environment from harm; creates a level playing field for business, allowing well-run companies to thrive and stopping those who do not want to play by the rules from undercutting them.

‘My son was a 7/7 suicide bomber and nobody’s doing anything to stop radicalisation’

“At first I found it difficult to accept. You can call it a denial, but no parent wants to accept that their child is involved in something like this. I didn’t want to believe it. Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly I’ve had to come to terms with it.”

Hundreds of terrorists and ISIS brides could return to UK after bombshell Begum ruling

After the ruling was announced, Ms Begum’s solicitor Daniel Furner said: “The court’s judgment today is an important reminder that fairness and the rule of law remain cornerstones of the British legal system, and that they set the legal limits within which the Home Secretary may act.

UK government gets green light to use personal data from citizens’ mobile phones to help fight coronavirus – but privacy experts brand the move ‘extremely concerning’ and warn it could lead to invasive surveillance

It is similar to SARS, which infected 8,000 people and killed nearly 800 in an outbreak in Asia in 2003, in that it is a type of coronavirus which infects humans’ lungs. It is less deadly than SARS, however, which killed around one in 10 people, compared to approximately one in 50 for COVID-19.

Councils could bulldoze homes and crush cars contaminated with coronavirus under extreme law to stop second wave

The law states: “Local authorities can make an application to a Justice of the Peace in the Magistrates’ Court to impose restrictions or requirements to close contaminated premises; close public spaces in the area of the local authority; detain a conveyance or movable structure; disinfect or decontaminate premises; or order that a building, conveyance or […]

The UK’s private debt crisis will make this recession so much worse

UK households and businesses were already over-indebted before the pandemic. Many were struggling to make ends meet. This made our economy extremely fragile – even more so than before the crash of 2008. And yet, back in April, the government chose to deal with the shutdown in large part by loading households and businesses with […]

New UK obesity plan fails to address underlying problems

The new plan, launched in an emergency, does everything that can be done in a hurry. It meets a lot of campaigning targets – principally the junk food advertising ban on TV before 9pm and online; and limits on buy-one-get-one-free (bogof) offers. Sweets will no longer be allowed at the checkout (some supermarkets did that […]

Meghan Markle’s friends can stay anonymous in privacy case, says UK judge

But Meghan’s attorney, Justin Rusbrooke, argued that the duchess was unaware her friends were speaking to the magazine. They say the anonymous interviews were arranged by one of the five friends, who was concerned about the toll media criticism was taking on the duchess, pregnant at the time with her first child.

Disney+ Rapidly Becomes The Third Biggest Streamer In The UK Amid Huge Rise In Viewing During Lockdown

But in a major reshaping of the UK media landscape among children, Ofcom noted that Disney+ was more popular than BBC iPlayer among children aged 3-11. That’s a worrying statistic for the BBC, which plows significant resource into providing young people in the UK with public service broadcasting.

‘I’m living on cards’: The firms waiting for emergency loans

“Our colleagues are working extraordinarily hard to get these loans into the hands of customers as quickly as possible, with the number of loans approved in the first week of the scheme equivalent to the amount that we would normally approve over a three year period.”