2018 Domestic Box Office Postmortem: What Went Right & Wrong For The Majors In A Record $11.9B+ Year

No. 4 – Sony ($1.28B, +21% from 2017) What went right: Keeping its side of the Marvel franchise alive with Venom making $885M WW and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ($213.7M), together earning north of $1.06B. With all the production problems on Venom, dark clouds loomed over its fate, and Sony, thanks to studio boss Tom Rothman and his marketing, distribution and post-production […]

Emmy-Winning Songwriter, Fountains Of Wayne Cofounder Adam Schlesinger Dies From Coronavirus

With Schlesinger playing bass and singing backup and Collingwood playing guitar and singing lead, and the two men co-writing songs, the band known for its sunny harmonies and synthesis of pop, rock punk and comedy would have hits in 1996 with “Radiation Vibe” and 2003 with “Stacy’s Mom.” The latter was nominated for a Grammy.

Why Voters May Be Shut Out of the ‘Pandemic Primary’ as Joe Biden Tries to Lock Up Democratic Nomination

On Friday, Evers shifted course and announced a special session of the legislature for Saturday to discuss postponement. Evers was now proposing to delay the primary until late May and mail a ballot to every registered voter. Republican policymakers, who have a majority in the state legislature, have refused to postpone the election; the special […]

Jose Antonio Vargas’ Nonprofit Hires Entertainment Media Director

“I am delighted to join Jose and Define American, an incredible organization that is on the forefront of the U.S. immigration conversation during such a pivotal time for our country,” Voorhees said in a statement. “I am confident that together we can leverage the power of media and entertainment to create a new rhetoric and cultural relevancy […]

How Amy Schumer’s Real Life Struggles Helped Inspire

Her Emmy-nominated show Inside Amy Schumer is a smash hit. Her first feature, Trainwreck (which she stars in and co-wrote with Judd Apatow) hit theaters Friday. And to top it off, her fresh take on sexual humor and gender equality have turned her into a veritable feminist icon.

The 10 Best Music Videos of 2016

5. Leon Bridges, “River”released this video for Baltimore at the beginning of Black History Month, there’s no way he could’ve predicted the summer of unrest that would follow later in the year. But every black community knows suffering is never far off. Rain is essential to the theme of healing that “River” fights so hard […]

A woman accuses Biden of sexual assault — and few liberals listen

No one seriously believes that Reade’s accusation will put a dent in Biden’s candidacy.  It’ll amount to nothing more than throwing spitballs at a battleship — though Biden is hardly a battleship. But the accusation will give Democrats an opportunity for some much-needed introspection; an opportunity to examine what “Believe All Women” really means to […]

Depression, Depression Books, Do-Gooders…and Willie Nelson’s 70th Album | Opinion

Stepping-Up: If anything good comes out of the coronavirus plague it may be the positive response of many business folks—big, small and in-between—who had been hammered pretty hard as greedheads by various candidates during the Democrats presidential nomination race . Some of my favorite examples: Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle slashed his salary—and the pay […]

Who’s in the How To Get Away With Murder cast? All the stars in season six

The 20 best series on Netflix The 25 best films on Netflix Who is in How To Get Away With Murder? Viola Davis as Annalise Keating Viola Davis, 54, has led the show for six seasons, and won several awards as  Middleton University law professor, Annalise Keating, including becoming the first black woman to win […]

Acclaimed Playwright Terrence McNally Dies At 81 Of Complications From Coronavirus

McNally was at the Actors Studio when he was hired by novelist John Steinbeck to be a tutor and guardian to his sons. One of McNally’s earliest theater attempts was writing the book for a musical adaptation of Steinbeck’s “East of Eden” which was called “Here’s Where I Belong” and lasted only a single performance […]