‘Matteo Salvini must be stopped’: Renzi’s back, but can the ex-PM save Italy?

“The idea of making an agreement with a movement that has attacked me for five years and used fake news against me and my family is difficult to accept, but for the future of your country, you have to put your emotions aside,” Renzi said, referring to the PD’s and the M5S’s years of animosity. […]

We Have Robin Wright to Thank for Saving

As a result of Wright and Netflix’s efforts, House of Cards will be returning for a shortened 8-episode season. “We have beautiful showrunners, Frank [Pugliese] and Melissa [Gibson], and they killed themselves to rethink the whole show,” Clarkson added. Not much is known about the narrative, but there is a first-look photo.

Lindsey Graham Slams Khashoggi Verdict As Woodward Reveals Trump Boast He Saved MBS

A Saudi court jailed eight people, none of whom were named, for between seven and 20 years for the murder. Human rights organizations have criticized the court for failing to punish the senior regime officials believed to have masterminded the assassination at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Man, 19, drowns trying to save girlfriend swept out by current on beach trip

The teenagers had gone to the San Lorenzo Beach in northern Spain on Tuesday afternoon, when they went in to the water, despite yellow flags warning of potentially high surf or dangerous currents.

Covid vaccine: ‘8,000 jumbo jets needed’ to deliver doses around world

“Even if we assume that half the needed vaccines can be transported by land, the air cargo industry will still face its largest single transport challenge ever. In planning their vaccine programmes, particularly in the developing world, governments must take very careful consideration of the limited air cargo capacity that is available at the moment,” […]

At least 28 bird and mammal species have been saved from extinction since 1993 thanks to conservation action, study claims

Globally threatenedHistorical population decline in UK during 1800–1995Severe (at least 50 per cent) decline in UK breeding population over last 25 yearsSevere (at least 50 per cent) contraction of UK breeding range over last 25 years  In recent years, in the UK, several more species have been added to the list. 

Italian flat earthers saved by migrant rescue vessel off the coast of Lampedusa ‘after sailing to see the edge of the world’

But the couple surprisingly never made it to the end of the world, nor even Lampedusa, instead getting lost near the island of Ustica, off the north coast of Sicily.

World First Aid Day 2020: 10 Quick First Aid Tips And Essential Items For A First Aid Kit

First, wash your hands with soap and water to avoid bacteria getting into the cut and causing an infection – you can also use a sanitiser if the soap is not available. Put pressure on the cut with a gauze pad or clean cloth to stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, clean the […]

Cut costs and help save the planet with easy ways to minimise household waste

Download the Sun Savers app or sign up at sunsavers.co.uk. Go to the ‘Offers’ section and click ‘Start Collecting’ on the ‘Sun Superdays’ page. Then collect NINE Sun Savers codes from those printed daily in the paper until Tuesday, September 22. Today’s Sun Savers code is on Page 20 of The Sun. Scan or enter […]

Brian Mast: Police Being Yelled at Today Are Same Heroes Who Charged into World Trade Center

Mast stated, “There’s not one day in my life that I would trade two legs and a finger for any one of my friends that’s still here. To be there for those times that you can save life, you have to be there for the times that it might take your own life, and I […]