Ather Energy to start delivery of electric scooter ‘Ather 450X’ from November

MUMBAI: Electric vehicle startup Ather Energy on Monday said the delivery of its flagship 125 cc Ather 450X scooter will commence from November in a phased manner, beginning with Benagluru and Chennai.The company, which has investment from Hero MotoCorp, had earlier this year announced that the electric scooter will hit the road across 10 cities […]

Renewable Energy: Operators ready to support govt aspirations — Adebajo

Could you tell us a little more about the unique products and services you provide? Our system is very simple, It consists of a panel, which you put on the roof or wherever you can catch the sun and an indoor unit which has a battery, which converts and stores the power from the sun.

Gravity Energy Project to Generate Electricity by Plunging Heavy Weights Down Disused Mine Shafts

A report detailing the proposed system conducted by Imperial College London last year concluded that it could be more efficient than lithium-ion batteries in the long-term, The Guardian reported, noting Gravitricity was in discussions with mine owners in multiple countries including the U.K., Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic and South Africa.

Climate change: Major energy companies lag in green shift

Dave Jones, senior electricity analyst for independent climate think tank Ember, agrees with Alova that utilities have hindered the transition by “misunderstanding the future of gas.” Utilities have a mindset to build big centralized power plants, replacing a coal power plant with a gas power plant, he said. “Fortunately, most of the gas hype across the world is now […]

Japan’s NTT to build renewable energy business, says Nikkei

TOKYO: Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) will develop a renewable energy business with its own electricity grid and is likely to invest over 1 trillion yen ($9.3 billion) by fiscal 2030, Nikkei reported on Monday.The move by the telecommunications conglomerate comes as renewable energy is seen globally as a potentially growing field, particularly in […]

Warm Home Discount scheme reopens – how to get £140 off your energy bills with British Gas to Scottish Power

The cold weather payment is a £25 payout to benefits claimants when temperatures in their area fall below zero degrees celsius for seven consecutive days between November 1, 2020 and 31 March, 2021.

Poland to accelerate coal phase-out, spend billions on renewable and nuclear energy

In an update of its energy strategy by 2040, the climate ministry said Poland plans to invest 150 billion zlotys ($40 billion) to build its first nuclear power plants, with 6-9 GW of capacity eventually. The first 1-1.6 GW facility would be up and running by 2033.

Vietnam faces transmission conundrum for renewable energy

EVN said that until now, it has been able to ensure production for 113 renewable plants in the country by building or upgrading 21 transmission lines since the second quarter last year, when 90 new solar power projects began operations and overloaded the national grid.

Vice President Mike Pence Campaigns In Western Pa. At Pro-Life Roundtable, Energy Rally

After that, he will visit Penn Energy Resources in Freedom to talk about energy issues in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Covid-19 to cut global energy demand by 6-8 per cent annually through 2050: DNV GL

New Delhi: The behavioural and economic ramifications of COVID-19 will permanently reduce global energy demand which will be lowered 6-8 per cent each year to the middle of the century compared to the pre-pandemic forecast, according to newly published Energy Transition Outlook by DNV GL.The Norway-based risk management and quality assurance firm said in the […]