Missing the forest for the trees: National English exam results reconsidered

Based on extensive in-country and regional experience, I have good news amidst this rhetorical gloom and doom. Vietnam compares very favorably to other Asian countries, including those with huge economic, educational, and historical advantages such as China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. If you’ve traveled to one or more of these countries and Vietnam, you’ll […]

From Tonga to Timaru in 1972: Filipo Motulalo’s Tongan language journey

Faith in the power of language and faith in God were central to the Motulalo household. Like many other Tongan families, caught by the Pacific migration wave that washed through New Zealand in the 70s, they had ended up in Newton, a rough and ready inner-city Auckland suburb. The setting may have shocked their mother […]

Canberra Liberals promise $17m more for Catholic schools, changes to English, maths and science

Share what matters most to you ABC Canberra wants to know about the big issues affecting you or the area where you live or work. Tell us what matters most to you. Or maybe you have a question you would like the ABC to investigate? We want to incorporate your voice into our ACT election […]

Google Search Now Reads at a Higher Level

In the spring and summer of 2018, OpenAI and the Allen Institute for AI showed a simpler and more powerful method. They taught machine learning programs the differences between words—even homonyms like May the month, may the verb, and May the name—by looking at other words in the text, even if they’re in a different […]

International Students Find that Family Feeling at Community College

Seguy was 16 when she arrived in Arizona from France, after convincing her parents to let her become an exchange student at an American high school. But adapting was more challenging than she expected. Her English language skills were not as strong as she hoped. She missed her family back in Paris.

Here are the 3 metrics that will help determine when Denver students can return to the classroom

The current COVID conditions are welcome news considering several in-person programs begin next week. Preschools Escalante-Biggs Academy, Pascual LeDoux Academy, Sandra Todd-Williams Academy and Stephen Knight Center for Early Education open on Sept. 8, followed by all other early childhood education programs in the district on Sept. 14.

Humans are core value of success: VNG’s VP of Operations

It means achieving 320 million worldwide users by 2023. Although this sounds impossible, I believe that this will be an exciting journey for the young, ambitious, and always forward-looking corporate culture of VNG. The 2332’ target makes sense, given that VNG already has 100 million users for its online entertainment business and Zalo – the […]

China Focus: Int’l services trade fair boosts Chinese culture’s global push

BEIJING, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) — A promotional video, in which African people are watching Chinese films and TV series with great interest, has caught the attention of spectators at the cultural services exhibition area of the ongoing 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

Happiest Minds: An IPO that flew under the radar in startup land

Given his age and the fact that the heydays of outsourcing were long gone, several analysts and reporters wondered if this was going to work at all. But Mr. Soota was aiming higher. He was clear from the beginning that he’ll take the company public. And he wanted Happiest Minds to become the fastest company […]

Robots like Pepper could be used in UK care homes to improve elderly people’s mental health and reduce loneliness, study suggests

Dr Sanjeev Kanoria, surgeon, founder and chairman of Advinia Health Care, one of the largest providers of dementia care in the UK, said: ‘Robots were tested and improvements in functionality made following trials at Advinia care homes.