She Challenged Europe’s Last Dictator In Belarus And Was Forced Into Exile. She Says She’s The Country’s “Chosen President.”

At the moment, she is doing it from exile. On August 11, she was detained in Minsk, interrogated for hours by Lukashenko’s security services, and forced to film a video urging her supporters to stop protesting before being driven to the border and forced to leave Belarus under circumstances she still does not want to […]

Life and death on my street in Sarajevo

The savagery reached its height the following year when Bosnia declared its independence from the country that had been collapsing around it. Bosnia was the most ethnically diverse of the republics and its leaders proposed that it would be in effect a mini-Yugoslavia of Serbs, Croats and Muslims living together. Nationalists in the Serb population […]

A quote that should give us all pause for thought

Which brings me to the last element of that slogan – emotion. It takes a commitment with an emotional element, something that grabs you in your gut, to defend a position that’s not defensible, like racial superiority. Look for a YouTube video of Jane Elliott talking to Jimmy Fallon if you want to see a […]