America’s public lands belong to all of us. We owe it to ourselves to save them

Ninety percent of our federal lands are located in what are called our public-lands states: Alaska and 11 western states. On average, 50% (and as much as 80%) of land in these states belongs to the federal government, making the residents almost wholly dependent on places over which they have no control. In spirit and […]

Govt thrust on public transport;cab aggregator users may rise to 1 cr: Gadkari

New Delhi: The government’s focus is on boosting public transport as the number of people hailing taxi aggregators may swell to 1 crore daily in the next two-three years from 35 lakh daily at present, Union minister Nitin Gadkari said Thursday. The government wants to discourage people from buying private cars due to rising pollution […]

New to Medicare? Choosing coverage for next year? Know these key dates

During the Annual Enrollment Period — Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 — all Medicare beneficiaries have the chance to choose plans for the following calendar year. This is the time for you to decide if your current plan fits your budget and your health needs.

From deductibles to donuts: Key terms to know about Medicare Part D

The majority of Part D plans have a coverage gap known as a “donut hole.” For example, in 2020, you enter this donut hole once your out-of-pocket costs (including deductibles, copays and coinsurance) for prescription drugs reach $4,020. Once you’re in the donut hole, you will pay 25% of the cost of your drugs. In […]

COVID-19 treatment trials STILL have not enrolled enough black and Latinx participants – despite promising to include more people from the hard-hit groups

However, in Boston, just 17 percent of trial participants were Latinx, compared to 26  percent of COVID-19 patients in the city. In Minneapolis, 28 percent of coronavirus cases were in Latinx people, compared but just five percent of trial participants were Latinx. 

Princeton’s President Is Wrong. The University Is Not Systemically Racist | Opinion

Those who accuse Princeton of SSR justify their claim by pointing to discrepancies of outcome, independent of intent. As cure for the alleged problem, they advance bureaucratic solutions, such as formal or informal quotas, mandatory sensitivity training, core distribution requirements focused on racism and even thought police committees to investigate and discipline racist behavior. If […]

KSP CLEAR Pass System built in 4 days is a testimony to effective public service delivery: MyGate CEO Vijay Arisetty

Unprecedented times such as lockdown require unprecedented measures and that is what Karnataka Police did by rolling out a new e-pass system on the go when it was much needed. In an interview with ETGovernment’s Manish Arora, Vijay Arisetty, co-founder & CEO, MyGate whose company helped the state government in rolling out e-pass system shares […]

Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel praises ‘key role’ of health workers

Decentralized pandemic measures widely accepted Reinhard Sager, the president of Germany’s counties (Landkreistage) association, said Tuesday that local health office tracing of COVID-19 patients, testing and containment — despite deficiencies — was recognized among local populations.

Can Elon Musk’s Superfast ‘Hyperloop’ Transit System Really Be Built?

“When the California ‘high speed’ rail was approved, I was quite disappointed, as I know many others were too,” Musk wrote in a blog post today about the Hyperloop project. “How could it be that the home of Silicon Valley and [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory] — doing incredible things like indexing all the world’s knowledge […]

Boeing 737 MAX Safety System Development ‘Wasn’t a Mistake’, Former Planemaker Exec Claims: Report

Leverkuhn reportedly said that he doesn’t consider “the development of the [Boeing 737 MAX] airplane to be a failure”. He upheld a decision to tie the jet’s new safety system to a single sensor, saying that he thinks, “based upon our understanding and our assumptions of flight crew actions, that it wasn’t a mistake”.