John Gilbert Getty, grandson of J. Paul Getty and heir to oil fortune, found dead

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What to Read, Watch, and Listen to Instead of

The Hillbilly Elegy phenomenon is frustrating for many reasons. As a film, it’s irresponsible, even grotesque, and the memoir the movie is based on filters author J.D. Vance’s personal experiences through right-wing tropes about poverty and social collapse. Both the Netflix adaptation and the book are unnecessary; nobody needed to suddenly “understand” the Appalachian region […]

‘We’re the super subscribers’: Meet the families who spend thousands of pounds a year on contracts for everything from their weekly shop to children’s toys

‘Recent additions include £45 a month to a nearby coffee shop, which entitles me to a coffee a day, and gluten-free cereal from a Yorkshire business called Then there’s a monthly delivery of plastic-free toilet rolls from