Former environment minister Theresa Villiers is axed from intelligence committee ‘after defying Tory whip over allowing chlorinated chicken into the UK’

And he highlighted a recent letter he wrote with International Trade Secretary Liz Truss in which they sought to reassure MPs that existing standards banning the import of chickens washed in chlorine or anything other than water and beef fed with hormones would remain.

The green deal will be the biggest home energy programme of modern times

George Monbiot, in his online blog, claimed the green deal would result in higher bills for the most vulnerable and we’d be doing nothing for the fuel poor. This is just not true. The ECO is specifically designed to support the poorest and most vulnerable households, as well as those in properties which are difficult […]

NGT orders Andhra Pradesh government to spend Rs 50 crore deposited by LG Polymers on environment, compensation

Hyderabad: The National Green Tribunal has passed a significant order that the Rs 50 crore cash deposited by LG Polymers India Ltd with the Visakhapatnam district collector be spent for restoration of environment and paying part compensation to the victims of the Styrene gas leak tragedy from its plant at RR Venkatapuram. Twelve persons died […]

Treasury’s ‘green recovery’ not enough, say campaigners

Yet the government appears to have doubts. Previous attempts at nationwide insulation programmes over the past two decades were often piecemeal, or relied on incentives such as putative bill savings that were not enough to persuade people to undergo the renovation required. The last attempt, the Green Deal, sputtered out soon after the coalition did […]

Green deal mired in legal and IT problems

RWE npower told the Guardian that getting the IT systems in place to cope with the additions to bills had proved more complex than first thought, for many suppliers. EDF said it was “registering interest” from customers, but was not yet in a position to offer a deal while it performed further checks on its […]

No UK households have completed green deal process, figures show

Barker said on Thursday that the reason for the small number of green deal plans in their final stages was because few companies have been setup to offer the finance. “It’s only the last few weeks, in fact in some case the last few days, that the first wave of green deal finance has been […]

UK lobbying to keep open one of Europe’s dirtiest coal power stations

The 43-year-old station operators, RWE npower, is now mixing local coal with other types of coal, that is easier to combust. Currently 30% of the coal on site is from overseas, mainly Russia. The EC exemption is based on the plant burning coal of less than 10% volatility. Now, it uses coals of between 6% […]

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband sign joint climate pledge

A series of analyses have shown that the coal, oil and gas industry already have three times more fossil fuels ready to be extracted than can be burned, if the pledge by the world’s governments to keep global warming under 2C is to be kept. The campaigners argue that the fossil fuel industry is therefore […]

UK drops out of top 10 renewable energy ranking for first time

An EY energy analyst said that “investors are scratching their heads” to understand the government’s policy changes in recent months, putting at risk the UK’s reputation as a “safe harbour” for investment. When the last rankings were published in June, the UK was sat in 8th place, but it has now dropped to 11th.

UK coal power plants should be phased out, says David Cameron

Greenpeace UK energy campaigner Louise Hutchins said: “The pledge to end dirty coal that David Cameron seems to have casually dropped from his summit speech wasn’t just a footnote but the keystone of any serious policy to clean up Britain’s energy system.