Keep Up With The Changing Work Environment With This Leadership And Stress Management Bundle

With a whopping nine e-learning courses at your fingertips, this bundle opens your eyes to invaluable practices and techniques to help you effectively manage and encourage teams from afar, improve your communication skills (which could come in handy in the countless Zoom meetings you partake in each week), and more. The program’s courses even touch on […]

The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

Among the key figures to emerge during the April rebellion was Farhana Yamin. Her experience – as a former UN lawyer who had helped draft the Paris agreement and worked on many of the key climate treaties of the past three decades – enhanced XR’s credibility, and she became one of the group’s most convincing […]

Wildlife forensics: how a giant pangolin named Ghost could help save the species

The scale samples are used to extract their isotopic values, the unique composition of chemical elements such as oxygen, hydrogen or carbon that are stored in the animal’s keratin plates. An “isotopic fingerprint” allows for identification of a pangolin’s geographic home: each environmental zone has its own unique “isoscape”, which can be matched with that […]

Save the parasites! Conservationists say the creatures are essential for the environment and should be protected before they go extinct

‘We need to recognise that there will be a diversity of responses among parasite taxa and not take for granted that every parasite is dwindling toward extinction or about to cause a major outbreak,’ Wood said.    

England’s biggest landowners not growing enough trees – report

“Much of England is owned by a very small number of landowners, who have a responsibility to better use their land in a way that helps address the climate and nature crises facing us all,” said Guy Shrubsole, a trees campaigner at Friends of the Earth. “A big part of [tackling these crises] means growing […]

China raises protection for pangolins by removing scales from medicine list

Since 2015, 99% of all whole pangolin seizures – both live and dead – have occurred in Asia, with 24% of those at China’s borders, followed by a large number of seizures in Vietnam and India, according to C4ADS. Most of the whole pangolins are being trafficked from Laos, Thailand and India.

MCZMA allows building of sea wall to protect Elephanta Island

The Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority has permitted the construction of a sea wall near the Gharpuri islands, popularly known as Elephanta Islands. The islands are home to tourist destination Elephanta Caves. A wall will allow better navigation of boats going towards the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust property and Elephant Islands, which are on either […]

Chirp to arms: musicians record album to help conserve endangered birds

The record may pleasing to the ear, but its creators say it is also a call to arms. “This is an emblematic album for a bigger problem: we’ve just featured 10 species of birds, but it speaks to the destruction of the habitats, and that songs across South and Central America are disappearing,” said Perkins.

Equatorial Guinea Hold Discussions with African Energy Chamber and Updates on Energy Developments During Covid-19

The African Energy Chamber periodically holds bilateral discussions with governments and institutions on energy issues in Africa. These discussions are important for leaders and investors to engage in discussions of the most important economic and commercial issues, including investment in oil and gas, infrastructure development, local content, and enabling policies that make in country operations […]

OPINION: Highlighting some of the best aspects of Tucson

My favorite thing about Tucson is Hi Corbett Field. Yes, that’s a bit biased coming from the sports editor, but there really isn’t a better place to be a spring evening. The sun sets perfectly behind the right-center field wall and paints the entire sky with the most unique colors, creating the perfect backdrop for […]