India Lockdown: Varanasi smart city uses its command control center as covid-19 war room

To keep a tight vigil on the movement of people during the lockdown and tab on home-quarantined people infected with covid-19, Varanasi, the PM’s own constituency, is using CCTVs and geographic information system (GIS) technology accessed through its integrated command and control centre (ICCC) set up under the smart city mission.Gaurang Rathi, municipal commissioner, Varanasi […]

Duke basketball star Grayson Allen suspended for third instance of tripping

On 9 February, Allen received a flagrant foul for extending his leg to trip Louisville’s Ray Spalding after he fell to the court and Spalding tried to go by him. Roughly two weeks later, Allen kicked up his left leg to trip Florida State’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes as Rathan-Mayes tried to run by from behind.

The best way to control a Google TV: talk to it

It’s also the case that it’s much easier to control ambient noise and environmental sounds in the living room than it is on the street or in some other public venue. Admittedly, screaming children or barking dogs may frustrate your attempts to bring up that YouTube video using voice input, but people for whom this […]

Commander: Kurdish forces end riots by IS prisoners in Syria

The prison riots first broke out Sunday night when former IS members held there began knocking down doors and digging holes in walls between cells. It was one of the most serious uprisings by the prisoners since the Islamic State group’s defeat a year ago.

Watch Six Fictional Characters Become President (or Mayor) This Inauguration Weekend

Designated Survivor, Pilot ( this ABC drama currently in its first season, Kiefer Sutherland (who happens to be the son of Donald Sutherland from Commander in Chief) plays Tom Kirkman, a low-level Cabinet member asked to sit out of the president’s State of the Union address as the “designated survivor.” When an attack, the largest […]

Underwear Model Hits the Floor

Sundance used to be an “independent” film festival but now peddles in crass commercialization. Larry Flynt doesn’t like the fact that Rudy Giuliani moved in with gay people after he divorced his wife. T-shirts sporting the mug of cop-slugging anchorbabe Alycia Lane are now for sale. Lynne Spears’s parenting book is on hold now that […]

NSA Thief Worked With Elite Hacker Squad

Allen was employed by NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. “When Booz Allen learned of the arrest of one of its employees by the FBI, we immediately reached out to the authorities to offer our total cooperation in their investigation, and we fired the employee,” Craig Veith, a vice president with the company, said in a […]

‘s Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland and Cast Say Goodbye to Series in Emotional Tributes

“Tonight is the final episode of Modern Family. I just want to thank ABC, FOX studios, and Steve and Chris for giving me the opportunity to play this character for the last 11 years. I wanna thank Steve, my manager. I wanna thank you all and everyone for watching us for the last 11 years. […]

Covid-19 crisis: Govt uses Smart City infrastructure to keep essential services rolling

Karnataka has come up with a dedicated call centre for monitoring and advising the citizens under self-quarantine as a telemedicine facility. The project is initiated under Mangaluru Smart City. Along with dedicated professionals from Mangaluru Corporation, Police and Doctors are also available at Command and Control Centre (CCC).Karnataka has come up with a dedicated call […]

1990 ‘Monday Night Football’ game in 49ers-Giants rivalry didn’t disappoint

“So Mr. D’s pissed, right?” Fagan said. “But Jim goes over and gets him in a headlock and gives him a noogie: ‘C’mon, what are you going to do?’ And Mr. D just broke down laughing. Our mouths were wide open because we’re thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, man, you just got the owner in a […]