EU Sends Warsaw, Budapest, Prague Opinions on Refugee Relocation Non-Compliance

According to the commission, Hungary has not taken any action since the beginning of the relocation scheme, while Poland and the Czech Republic have not relocated anyone since December 2015 and August 2016, respectively. “Given that the Council Decisions on relocation were adopted in response to an emergency situation and in view of the repeated calls to the three Member States, the authorities of the Czech […]

‘Blackmail’: Poland Disagrees With Mixing Issues of Migrants, Financing From EU

“We disagree with such blackmail, with such a concept that if you do not accept migrants, do not show solidarity, then you will be punished financially, then possibly the funds of European subsidies will be cut off,” Waszczykowski said at a press conference.

Poland Likely to Evade EU Sanctions With Support of Hungary, UK, Czech Republic

On June 15, the Polish Senate also adopted two controversial bills, which now should be handed to the Polish President Andrzej Duda for signing. The first bill stipulates the amendments to the law on the National Council of the Judiciary, according to which the members of the council will be appointed by the parliament. The second bill will expand the powers of the justice […]

Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Face Fines for Rejecting 2015 Migrant Quotas

“We will continue to fight against the European mainstream, who still did not understand that supporting migration is not a good response to the problems of Europe,” she wrote in a Facebook post. In September 2015, the European Council adopted a proposal from the European Commission to relocate 160,000 refugees and asylum seekers who have […]

Warsaw Brushes Off EU Commission’s ‘Unjustified’ Threats on Accepting Refugees

The mandatory EU scheme was established in 2015 and is aimed at relocating some refugees currently held in Greece and Italy throughout the bloc with a specific quota for each member state. Poland was expected to accept some 7,000 refugees under the scheme. On May 16, the European Commission issued a progress report on relocation and resettlement, stressing that some countries, in particular, Hungary, Poland […]

UK government in row with EU over proposed office in Belfast

The issue of a Belfast office was raised on Monday during the first teleconference meeting of the EU-UK joint committee, set up to supervise the operation of the withdrawal agreement. The chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, is the UK’s senior figure on the committee.

UK has ‘bought 2million coronavirus antibody tests from China’ and half will arrive this week even though officials are STILL ‘evaluating’ accuracy of kits

At that stage ministers decided to change tack and said they would only test those in hospital and would stop contact tracing. In doing so, they gave up all knowledge of how the virus was spreading outside hospitals. The information is now based on death rates and hospital admissions.

Brexit was the best thing for the UK, says Adar Poonawalla

Two years ago, Adar Poonawalla failed in a bid to turn London’s historic Grosvenor House Hotel into his family’s second home. Now he’s on the lookout for a consolation prize, courtesy of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Poonawalla, whose father Cyrus founded Asia’s largest vaccine maker and is India’s seventh-richest man, wants to take […]

ICO slams UK Met Police for failure to handle public data requests

On Tuesday, Suzanne Gordon, ICO Director of Data Protection Complaints and Compliance, said in a blog post that while everyone in the United Kingdom has the legal right to ask organizations for a copy of the information held on them, known as a subject access request (SAR), the police force is falling short of dealing […]

‘We must use this time well’: climate experts hopeful after Cop26 delay

Some observers are hoping that a new president could change the course of the world’s most powerful economy and second biggest emitter. “American voters are increasingly likely to reject Trump’s science denial on both coronavirus and climate change and instead elect Joe Biden president,” said Paul Bledsoe, a former climate adviser in Bill Clinton’s White […]