Wait, what? In just 30 seconds, 10-year-old boy steals Rs 10 lakh from bank

Police have discovered from CCTV footage that the boy was being directed by a man in his 20s, who lingered on inside the bank for around 30 minutes. As soon as he saw a cashier get up from his seat and move into another room, he signalled the minor, who was standing outside. He darted […]

US STOCKS-Wall Street tumbles on rising coronavirus cases; banks lead declines

“You’re seeing a pretty dramatic increase in cases,” said Kevin Grogan, managing director of investment strategy at Buckingham Strategic Wealth in St. Louis. “If people start feeling again like it’s not safe to eat out or go shopping, that could have a really negative impact on the stock market.”

‘Reform bill could make NIPOST biggest bank in Nigeria’

“We are still going to be involved. As a union, we are stakeholders to whatever happens in NIPOST. We are going to start doing something, we are going to come out with adverts, to lobby and appeal to members of NASS to facilitate quick passage of this bill. We don’t know if the seventh assembly […]

Bank of England boss says the Government could have gone ‘bust’ if they didn’t inject £200billion into the economy

“I think we would have a situation where in the worst element, the government would have struggled to fund itself in the short run.”

Latest Coronavirus News in Vietnam & Southeast Asia July 15

Meanwhile in Thailand, the Government has temporarily banned the entry of foreign diplomats and special business representatives after the young daughter of the Sudanese attache was found to be infected with the coronavirus after the family arrived from Khartoum.

‘Pokemon Go’: Good News … It’s Not Gonna Break Your Bank

A source at Verizon tells TMZ 10% of its 100 million smartphone users were using the game Tuesday — the biggest day of the week — yet they consumed only 1% of the network’s data. Translation … it’s a lot of game for a little data and will cost you virtually nothing.

Fed officials warn on ‘thick fog’ ahead for U.S. economy as recovery concerns deepen

James Bullard, the St. Louis Fed president, sounded a somewhat optimistic note, saying his base case is the economy continues to grow in the second half of the year, but still offered caution. “The downside risk is nevertheless substantial, and better execution of a granular, risk-based policy will be critical to keep the economy out […]

The quarter after the half: Why the next three months are key for stocks

Economic data is essentially backward-looking, so April to June figures reflected first big falls, as lockdowns drastically curtailed activity, then a bounceback from March-April troughs. Data from July onwards must confirm whether the rebound is becoming entrenched.

Russia sells more gold than gas for the first time in 30 years

Moscow: For the first time in nearly three decades, Russia exported more gold than gas in the second quarter of 2020.Gold sales to foreign buyers came in at $3.6 billion in April and May alone, business daily RBC reported, citing figures from Russia’s customs service – ahead of an estimated $3.5 billion in gas sales […]

Fed’s Kaplan says there is ‘lots of overcapacity’ in U.S. economy: CNBC

“While we have got this high an unemployment rate and this much overcapacity, the overwhelming trend I believe is going to be disinflationary,” Kaplan said in an interview with CNBC.