‘Wolfwalkers’ Review: What Big Eyes You’ll Have Watching Tomm Moore’s Environmental Fairy Tale

Now it’s up to these two girls, whose blooming friendship is one of the movie’s greatest pleasures, to rescue Moll (captured by the Lord Protector at some point off-screen) and convince Bill that perhaps he’s fighting for the wrong side. The earlier “Pocahontas” comparison is apt in that regard, as both films depict the colonizing […]

Halo Infinite Merchandising Continues With New “Premium” Bags, See Them Here

The Spartan backpack has multiple compartments and can hold a laptop up to 15″. The bag is inspired by Master Chief, and as such, it sports an olive-green color and Chief’s Spartan-117 ID number. The Tech backpack is a super-sized version of the backpack, with more space for storing equipment like gaming gear. As you […]