Vietnamese National Assembly ratifies EVFTA and EVIPA

Nearly 95% of the NA deputies vote in favour of the EVFTA The ratification of the EVFTA and the EVIPA marks a significant advancement in the relations between Vietnam and the EU while continuing to affirm Vietnam’s important role and geo-political position in the region and the world.

EVFTA and EVIPA help attract more investment in Vietnam

Meanwhile, the EVIPA is now waiting for the approval of the parliaments of EU member states to take effect. Its contents concerning investment are also mentioned in the EVFTA, however. Apart from that, more than 20 member states of the EU have already exercised their bilateral investment protection agreements with Vietnam. This is an encouraging […]

NA passes resolution relatied to EVIPA

The deal will offer opportunities for local enterprises to acquire technologies and skills transferred by partners in the EU, improving the competitiveness of the national economy, the ministry said, adding that Vietnam should complete early warning mechanisms to address investment disputes.

Vietnam ratifies EU free trade agreement

Nicolas Audier, chairman of EuroCham, said in a press release issued Monday: “The EVFTA is now more important than ever, as trade wars and a global pandemic disrupt normal business operations on an unprecedented scale. Free, fair and rules-based trade is the best roadmap to economic growth, and Vietnam will now have privileged access to […]

NA’s ninth online session fruitful: deputies

Hanoi (VNA) – More than 98 percent of the legislators surveyed recognise the good results of the freshly-concluded ninth session of the 14th National Assembly, said NA Secretary General Nguyen Hanh Phuc at a press conference in Hanoi on June 19. He said the session took place in the context that the COVID-19 pandemic has […]

Opportunities to welcome high-quality FDI capital with EVFTA

When EVFTA was about 10 days to become effective, the Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) of Denmark, on behalf of the New Market Fund I, together with Asiapetro and Novasia Energy, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province to develop La Gan offshore wind power projects. With an estimated […]

Positive scope ahead in amended Law on Investment

The scope of “investment capital” is expanded in the draft amendment to the Law on Investment to increase compatibility with Vietnam’s international investment agreements. In the amendment draft, “investment capital” is defined as “money and other assets in accordance with the civil law and international treaties to which Vietnam is a state party in order […]

Vietnamese, French PMs talk COVID-19 fight, cooperation enhancement

They affirmed that the strong coordination has not only helped combat against COVID-19 at present but also contributed to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change response, environmental protection, and the maintenance of security, stability and respect for international law in the regions, as well as in the East Sea.

MPI proposes four groups of solutions for EVFTA implementation

The third group of solutions is to rapidly implement plans to improve the competitive capacity of the economy. The MPI submitted the prime minister the national programme about supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and innovations to join global value chains in the 2021-2025 period for approval. In addition, the ministry will accelerate taking […]