How England’s Dawid Malan became the world’s best T20 international batsman

Despite his performances, Malan flew home on Thursday because he is not part of England’s one-day international squad. He has only an increment contract with the England and Wales Cricket Board, the lowest level of central deal, worth £80,000 (NZ$151,000) on top of a player’s county contract. It is no wonder that Malan has felt […]

Tom King delves into the sexy side of Batman/Catwoman (and them as parents)

When I read the Killing Joke it was around the time I was reading about Jason dying and just asking how does it all fit in. Looking back, of course, the Killing Joke is in continuity now, it’s how we look at Batgirl, it’s how we look at the Joker and it changed Batman’s relationship […]

Chinese virologist: China’s government ‘intentionally’ released COVID-19

Yan’s comments conflicted with the opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and White House coronavirus adviser, who previously cast doubt on the idea the virus was artificially created. In May, he told National Geographic: “If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what’s […]

Rafer Johnson, 1960 Olympic Decathlon Champion, Dies at 86

“I knew he did everything he could to take care of Uncle Bobby at his most vulnerable moment,” Kennedy’s niece, Maria Shriver, said by phone. “His devotion to Uncle Bobby was pure and real. He had protected his friend. Even after Uncle Bobby’s death he stayed close.”

Demi Moore raised her children to be ‘very private,’ ‘very protective,’ daughter Tallulah Willis says

“She’s even, I think, at this point in her life now still exploring and coming into herself creatively which is so inspiring for me because I think you can get really hung up on ‘I didn’t figure it out soon enough’ ,” she shared, noting that she herself struggled to “figure out” her “life path.”

Defections: How political opportunism kills the party system in Nigeria

Think of it: Umahi left PDP, under which he is a two-term governor, because the party fails to zone the presidency to the South East in 2023. But has APC promised South East the presidency? Of course, it won’t! So, he is undermining the party system on false hopes. South-East PDP politicians should fight for […]

New on comiXology Unlimited (December 2020): All the comics and manga arriving

Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #1Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #2Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #3Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #4Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #5Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #6Adventure Time Comics #19Adventure Time Comics #20Adventure Time Comics #21Adventure Time Comics #22Adventure Time Comics #23Adventure Time Comics #24Adventure Time Comics #25Adventure Time Comics Vol. […]