Swedish Terror Expert: It’s Very Difficult to Prosecute Returned ISIS Members

According to Ranstorp, such questioning is relatively routine for Islamic State returnees, noting that Sweden is currently conducting 40 similar investigations for various crimes including war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, broadcaster SVT reports.

World Athletics, please note: DSD regulations are a violation of human rights

The new WA regulations make no mention of surgeries but list seven conditions that will bar an athlete from competing in races between 400m and 1600m. Mitra says, “Let us not go ahead accepting there is science in their argument. Their science is flawed, it is not fool proof, it has been called out, it […]

New MP tells Australian Parliament: ‘I was sexually harassed by NZ professor’

Announcing the review, AUT Vice Chancellor Derek McCormack told staff and students “recent events have raised concerns for some about whether our policies and procedures are as effective as they should be, and whether our harassment-free culture is as strong as we would like it to be”.

‘We Can Do It, Nassau’ Campaign Aims To Encourage County Residents To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

“We’ll stress the importance of vaccines in order to get back to normal, to keep our economies open, not just to prevent further restrictions, to get rid of the restrictions that we have, to get our kids back in school,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

An insider’s guide to Jodhpur: blue buildings and green energy

But there are so many others: from the Langa community, Haya Mohammed Langa is an exceptional sarangi player; from the Bhopa community, Sugnaram Bhopa expertly plays the ravanhatta and sings; and Anwar Khan is a gifted folk singer belonging to the Manganiar community. They perform locally and at concerts all over the world, as well […]

‘You Are Upholding Racist Ideas’: Teachers Reportedly Required To Attend ‘White Privilege’ Training At Public School

After watching the clips, trainers are show a slide that says “You are Racist,” and then prompt the teachers to think about what they would say if someone said this to them. Similarly on the next slide, the teachers are prompted to consider what they would say and feel if someone told them they “are […]

Won’t force Americans to take COVID-19 vaccine: Biden

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Victor Davis Hanson: Today’s progressives have bid farewell to free expression and become Victorians

What were their objections to the book? Peterson, who has criticized the notion of white privilege and contends that masculinity is under attack, was accused of “white supremacy,” “hate speech” and “transphobia.” These are simply our generation’s synonyms for their predecessors’ bogeyman labels “heretic,” “witch” and “communist.”


A constant pressure to preserve their Tibetan identity, dearth of Job opportunities despite good degrees, no property rights and staying loyal to the Tibetan cause, has frustrated the young generation of Tibetan refugees living in India. The question remains, how to pass on the spirit of free Tibet onto the younger generations when the priorities […]

Naming of RGCB unit after Gowalkar kicks up a row

CPI(M) acting State secretary A. Vijayaraghavan said he saw the bid as a stock move of the Sangh Parivar to deepen communal divisions for political gain. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member M.A. Baby said Golwalkar had sowed communal hatred and division in the country. The Central should choose the name of a scientist for the new […]