Trump Campaign Seeks Assurance ‘Basement’ Biden Will Debate ‘in Person’

In 2016, 41 percent of all votes were cast before Election Day and that figure is certain to rise in 2020. Countless hours of television news coverage and miles of newspaper columns have been devoted to the effect of the coronavirus on voting, with the news media openly advocating for universal mail-in balloting prior to […]

EastEnders’ Zack Morris hints at more ‘spurts of anger and frustration’ from Keegan as he grapples with racism

Discussing whether viewers can still expect to see that rebellious, fiery streak in Keegan, Zack said: “You do still get the spurts of anger and frustration but there’s more justification for it now. He’s definitely a complex and interesting character.”

‘Outraged’ Chinese want ByteDance to ‘put up a fight’ over TikTok sale

Rui Ma: This has been a concern alluded to by multiple US government officials, including Secretary [of State, Mike] Pompeo and [trade] advisor [Peter] Navarro. Whether or not TikTok users are fully aware of or believe this is a concern is a different matter.

Stacey Solomon’s genius heatwave hack will save you

“Zach has now missed two pieces of homework since he started in September because he hates having to walk home when he misses the school bus, and that’s what you’ve got to do when you’ve got a detention because I’m not coming out at five o’clock to pick him up from school!”

Medieval One Is A Wild $80,000+ Hot Rod Built From Scratch

Powering Medieval One is a 335ci Chevy small-block with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger and electronic fuel injection that makes almost 1,000 horsepower. And, yes, those are snakes coming from the headers, responsible for the nitrous oxide purge tube. Medieval One has been designed in a way that allows the power steering, air conditioning, and alternator […]

Fauci warns COVID-19 vaccine may be only partially effective, public health measures still needed

An approved coronavirus vaccine could end up being effective only 50-60% of the time, meaning public health measures will still be needed to keep the pandemic under control, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious diseases expert, said on Friday. 

2023: A competent southerner must emerge

It is easy therefore to understand the furore in the south where some people feel the goal post is about to be shifted. This is especially when another member of the ‘cabal; the late Isa Funtua had hinted on the same issue of a ‘competent’ President in his last interview. It gives the impression of […]

Germany, France Quit WHO Reform Talks Amid Tension with Washington, Sources Say

But European governments want to make the WHO stronger, better funded and more independent, whereas the U.S. withdrawal of funds is likely to weaken it — Washington is the largest contributor, providing 15 percent of the budget. Some Europeans see Trump’s criticism of the WHO as an attempt in the run-up to the U.S. election […]

Philippines Allows Soft Post-Lockdown Reopening to Avert Dire Economic Fall

“We don’t know how many people are dying because of the lockdown and their economic suffering,” Biswas said. “This is really an issue in poor countries, perhaps not so much in richer countries where they have some savings and the government can help them more.” 

Tiger Woods Shows Up At PGA Championship Wearing American Flag Face Mask

“We’ve seen our products worn by some football players and basketball players before, but this is definitely the biggest ‘celebrity’ we’ve ever had,” Bowman told “It definitely was a ‘holy cow’ moment. Of, ‘Oh my God, Tiger Woods is wearing our face shield!’”