Does Everyone Over 60 Need To Take The Same Coronavirus Precautions?

Data from China, the U.S. and other countries also indicates that people with illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and lung disease, and those with compromised immune systems, are more likely to become critically ill and die if they become infected. The CDC recommends that these patients stay inside and practice strict precautions.

Sister of nurse who died at hospital where workers ‘wore TRASH BAGS’ does not know where his body is

“This crisis is only growing and it’s essential that we not only have all the right equipment but that we come together to help and support one another,” the spokesperson said, adding they are “grieving deeply” over the nursing manager’s death.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump a rosy outlier on science of the virus

Dr. Michelle Gong, a critical care chief at New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, told the Journal of the American Medical Association that it is imperative for doctors to do careful studies of drugs such as chloroquine to make sure they actually work, rather than just administering them to patients because they have nothing else to […]

Dem Sen. Peters: We Need to Make Sure Hospitals Have More Equipment and Supplies

After leading the charge to expand unemployment insurance, with my colleagues Senator Wyden and Leader Schumer, we secured a historic expansion of these benefits. Through this bill, workers can receive $600 per week in additional unemployment compensation. We’ve also included a 13-week extension of unemployment benefits for anyone covered by traditional unemployment insurance, and up […]

8 coronavirus health myths, fact checked

Truth: According to the WHO, the coronavirus can be transmitted in all areas of the globe, including hot climates. It won’t just go away in the Northern Hemisphere as the weather gets warmer in spring and summer, experts say. We do not yet know if COVID-19 is a seasonal virus like influenza is, meaning it […]

‘This is now the epicenter of the epicenter’: Bill de Blasio says Elmhurst Hospital in Queens – that saw 13 deaths in 24 hours – have been sent 40 desperately needed ventilators and be restocked four times to keep up with the surge in patients’

”As usual with “this” General Motors, things just never seem to work out. They said they were going to give us 40,000 much needed Ventilators, “very quickly”. Now they are saying it will only be 6000, in late April, and they want top dollar. Always a mess with Mary B. Invoke “P”’ he added. 

Loni Love Explains Why You Need to Be Watching

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Meredith and Derek vs. Brian and Justin: Who Is the Better Couple?

What Queer As Folk gave us, first and still pretty rarely, was a space so defiantly and specifically queer that its relationships took place outside the lens of straightness altogether, not recentered on the straight characters, to judge or tolerate or enjoy vicariously. In order to have a storytelling canon, you need room to move, […]

Tami and Eric vs. Homer and Marge: Who Is the Better Couple?

Yes, no one has seemingly aged during the nearly 30 years that The Simpsons have been on the air. But we’ve watched the Homer-Marge marriage for that long. Yes, it can be frustrating to see Homer make microscopically little progress in terms of his selfishness, oafishness, and general dim-wittedness. And yet, his love for Marge […]

False claim: children in the UK with coronavirus will be taken to hospital alone

Each post includes versions of the following text, “if your child gets this virus, they’re going to hospital alone. In an ambulance with people they don’t know. To a room they don’t know. To be with people they don’t know. You will be at home without them in their time of need”. Some of the […]