Cleansing the Catholic Church of Its Sins

I’ve tried to grapple with that word “disappointment.” That is the emotion you feel discovering that one of the most powerful men in the church — someone you knew intimately — had molested children and abused young priests under his authority? And notice that he is still focused on McCarrick. The children, the survivors, the […]

Stampede Leaves More Than 700 Dead Near Mecca [Updated]

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims make their way to cast stones at a pillar symbolizing the stoning of Satan, in a ritual called “Jamarat,” the last rite of the annual hajj, on the first day of Eid al-Adha. Photo: Mosa’ab Elshamy/Corbis

at 20: Ben Folds’ Track by Track Commentary on the ’90s Piano Rock Classic

I do remember that there was a lot of criticism of that song when it came out; that I had grown up too much. It was kind of sissy’d out, it sounded like I maybe controlled the band too much. I remember that song drawing a lot of criticism. Part of you knows that that […]