In a year of grim tidings, Slovak migrant turns to the magic of childhood fairy tales

During Christmastime in Slovakia, age-old traditions seem as commonplace as tinsel. The scent of piping hot Trdelník and mulled Medovina wafts through city squares, and local TV stations begin playing a constant reel of classic Czechoslovak fairy tales.

Championship season preview: Sky Sports EFL Podcast – Brentford’s recovery, Wycombe’s fairy tale

Listen to the latest Sky Sports EFL Podcast here!Subscribe and listen: Apple | Castbox | Spotify | Your regular providerOn Friday evening, all eyes will be on Vicarage Road, where relegated Watford take on Middlesbrough in front of the Sky Sports cameras and, ahead of the first whistle, the Sky Sports EFL presenter David Prutton […]

‘Wolfwalkers’ Review: What Big Eyes You’ll Have Watching Tomm Moore’s Environmental Fairy Tale

Now it’s up to these two girls, whose blooming friendship is one of the movie’s greatest pleasures, to rescue Moll (captured by the Lord Protector at some point off-screen) and convince Bill that perhaps he’s fighting for the wrong side. The earlier “Pocahontas” comparison is apt in that regard, as both films depict the colonizing […]

10 years on, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is still the best fantasy shopkeeper tycoon game

The other way Recettear has of reminding you it’s a Japanese game originally designed in 2007 is that it has no idea what mouse controls are, and uses the arrow keys instead of WASD. More recent Japanese games have taken on western-isms like those, but Recettear predates all that. This is a game from before […]

Julianne Hough is a ‘deeply different person now’ from when she wed Brooks Laich almost three years ago and she ‘doesn’t want to go back’

Brooks explained: ‘I mean like in my sexual relationship, what is my sexuality and what am I craving and what are my desires and what are my wife’s, and like, how can we have this language to feed each other in – and get everything we want and be sexually expressed to the nth degree […]

Vietnamese readers to have more Korean children’s books

A children’s book series of the Kyowon Publishing House have been translated and published in Vietnam. Photo: Under the agreement, hundred book titles of Kyowon will be translated into Vietnamese language and published by Alpha Books of Vietnam this year. Besides, Vietnamese readers can have access to Kyowon’s books via e-books or audio-books soon.

‘Topside’: Film Review | Venice 2020

While Nikki is topside, Little wanders a sunless topography of trash, graffiti and otherworldly beauty, some views suggesting de Chirico, others Hieronymus Bosch. The tunnel scenes, sure to be enveloping on a big screen, are the only ones that weren’t shot in New York City: The filmmakers used an upstate tunnel, in Rochester, for the […]

Review: ‘Artemis Fowl’ wasn’t worth the wait after all

The elder Fowl, a dealer of antiquities, is kidnapped and held hostage for a missing MacGuffin called the Aculos. The younger Fowl, relying on his father’s teachings and clues in his office, learns of the magical world his dad has long secretly trafficked in with the help of his bodyguard/butler (a dubious role, played by […]

News digest: More large-capacity coronavirus mobile testing sites open

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New reads to look forward to this fall

From the Upper East Side to Cobble Hill: von Ziegesar, author of the popular “Gossip Girl” series, switches up neighborhoods in this novel, trading privileged prep-schoolers for Brooklyn creatives. It’s a fun, quirky character study of four couples harboring secrets that inevitably implode in over-the-top fashion. Blair Waldorf would approve.