In a year of grim tidings, Slovak migrant turns to the magic of childhood fairy tales

During Christmastime in Slovakia, age-old traditions seem as commonplace as tinsel. The scent of piping hot Trdelník and mulled Medovina wafts through city squares, and local TV stations begin playing a constant reel of classic Czechoslovak fairy tales.

‘Wolfwalkers’ Review: What Big Eyes You’ll Have Watching Tomm Moore’s Environmental Fairy Tale

Of the various toon heroes Moore has imagined, Mebh feels the most vivacious. From her mischievous expressions, which reveal sharp canine teeth when she smiles, to an unruly mane littered with twigs and leaves, Mebh represents so many of the characteristics Pixar was going for with Princess Merida in “Brave” — independence, determination and defiance […]

Championship season preview: Sky Sports EFL Podcast – Brentford’s recovery, Wycombe’s fairy tale

How will the teams relegated from the Premier League fare?Prutton: “We’ve spoken before about unknown quantities, such as Sabri Lamouchi or Carlos Carvahal, and now there’s Vladmir Ivic at Watford. He’s coming from a position where he understands and knows how to win, which is no mean feat wherever in world football. He might last […]

10 years on, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is still the best fantasy shopkeeper tycoon game

Pix or it didn’t happenEven today Recettear stands out for two reasons. It’s a JRPG that can be comfortably finished in under 25 hours, and it’s a JRPG with writing and localisation that won’t make you wince—most of the time. Occasional jokes don’t quite land, as with the gag embedded in its title. See, the […]

A tale of three presidents and subsidy removal

READ ALSORelocation: New ‘Computer Village’ ready in 24 months – Developer  It is the sort of tough “law and order” position beloved by satraps. OBJ brazenly turned every policeman in Ajegunle into an accuser, prosecutor, judge and executor of any Yoruba person within shooting distance. The same sort of legalised murder of fellow Nigerians is […]

Disney’s wedding dress collection is now available in the UK so you can look like a princess on your big day

And a mother-of-the-bride slams daughter’s ‘clingy’ wedding gown for ‘showing pubic bone’ & warns her not to put on ANY weight.

What Critics Said About

“If an artist has made his choices and settled on a coherent point of view, he shouldn’t be held responsible, I believe, if part of his audience misunderstand him. He should be free to be ‘dangerous.’ But Lee hasn’t worked coherently. The end of this movie is a shambles, and if some audiences go wild, […]

Review: ‘Artemis Fowl’ wasn’t worth the wait after all

There are plenty of hallmarks of that struggle on the screen: general incoherence, awkward narration, a black hole of a protagonist. All of these things would probably doom any movie but they are particularly troublesome for one that’s also trying to reestablish fairies as a high-tech, underground militants.

Prince Andrew ‘compared me to daughters Eugenie and Beatrice’, claims accuser

In a clip released ahead of the programme, Ms Giuffre said of Andrew, who is the father of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie: “Before he abused me, when we just met, Ghislaine does this guessing game and he guessed right, I was 17 and he compared me to his daughters, saying, ‘Oh, my daughters are a […]

Disney’s wedding dress line is finally launching in the UK for your fairytale wedding

“Our design team worked tirelessly on each of these incredible gowns, as each dress features intricate detailing specifically inspired by the timeless characters known and loved by all of us at Allure and Kleinfeld, as well as our brides. With the success of this 2020 collection in the United States, we are thrilled to expand […]