Cy Tucker dead at 76: 1960s pop legend who played with The Beatles passes away ‘from coronavirus’

A statement on the Facebook page of the Cavern Club said: “We are sad to hear of the passing of Liverpool and Merseybeat legend Cy Tucker.

North Carolina governor orders schools closed for 2 weeks

“We are seeing increased anxiety (and) fear from parents, from teachers, from superintendents across our state,” Cooper said. “We need a period of time here to assess the threat of COVID-19 and to make sure we have a coordinated statewide response to deal with the fallout that comes when you don’t have children in school.”

Dynamo reveals he’s tested positive for COVID-19 after suffering from ‘a persistent cough and lots of aches and pains’ amid Crohn’s disease battle

In a small group of patients, who seem mainly to be the elderly or those with long-term illnesses, it can lead to pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection in which the insides of the lungs swell up and fill with fluid. It makes it increasingly difficult to breathe and, if left untreated, can be fatal and […]

Coronavirus live updates: Newsom issues order protecting consumers from price gouging

2:11 p.m. Contra Costa officials release more information on outbreak at nursing facility, launch investigations into two more facilities: At least 27 people who live or work at a 45-resident nursing facility in Orinda have tested positive for the coronavirus, health officials said Friday, in what appears to be one of the largest outbreaks in […]

Batman Super Fan Mukuta Mukuta Has Passed Away From Cancer

3commentsSlide 9/9 – Slide 9 Everyone in this situation acted like a hero to Mukuta when it was needed most. The staff, nurses, Ben, and even those who shared the story. A hero can be anyone, even someone who does something as simple as call a boy to let him know that his life still […]