Coronavirus: UK nurse’s death could have been prevented, family says

He is believed to have contracted the virus after treating a patient who tested positive, ITV News reported. He first displayed symptoms on March 11 and self-isolated at his family home. He died last week after calling emergency services when his condition worsened.

Mouni Roy chooses a simple kurta for her quarantine days

Be it ethnic wear or western wear, Mouni never fails to impress us with her fashion picks. The former TV actress made her Bollywood debut a few years ago and now has made quite a mark in the film industry. The 34-year-old actress is currently spending her time at home with her family during the […]

Preity Zinta Watches Soldier With Hubby During Coronavirus Lockdown; Misses Co-Star Bobby Deol

The Instagram caption read, “…Abandoning your pets is the most inhuman thing one can do right now, especially when it is confirmed that they are not carriers of the virus. Have a heart folks, stay safe, love your pets and pls follow social distancing (sic),”

Coronavirus latest: 6.6 million more people file unemployment claims in the US

Many passenger airlines are letting employees go at a record-breaking pace. Some are putting workers on temporary leave, in which they are paid their salaries, thanks partly to government aid, or asked to work shorter hours. Germany’s Lufthansa is putting 27,000 of its 35,000 employees on short hours under a government support program that will […]

Coronavirus live updates: Unemployment claims double record in a week

11:50 a.m. China lying about COVID-19 cases and deaths, report says: U.S intelligence officials briefed the White House on China’s efforts to suppress the number of positive cases of COVID-19 and resulting deaths, according to a Bloomberg report. The classified report to the president concluded the numbers China has been reporting are “fake.” Numerous U.S. […]

12 Tips for Video Conferencing While You Work From Home

Take Precautions Before Sharing Your Screen If you’re going to share your screen during a video call, it’s a good idea to take extra precautions so people can’t see anything private or potentially embarrassing. First, go to your browser and close all tabs, especially anything you wouldn’t want anyone else to see.

I Watched This Meghan Markle Hallmark Film 5 Times in Quarantine So You Don’t Have To

Before shacking up with British royalty and doing a 180 back to the States, Meghan Markle was, as we all know, best known for her acting work on USA’s legal drama Suits. What most people don’t bother to engage with, however, is that Markle’s sparkle made its way to the Hallmark Channel on two occasions, […]

The Homicide Report: 2019 the worst year for intimate partner homicide in a decade

Too many resources had been dedicated to services resembling an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and not enough to preventative measures. She acknowledged the Government was trying to tackle major social problems, but there hadn’t been a drop-off in the number of women seeking help from her organisation.

‘This is pretty much my daily diet’: Ayda Field shares Supermarket Sweat home workout using bottles of wine for bicep curls followed by ‘cheese and cracker dips’

Made from performance fabric and designed to offer support at all times, these leggings are as flattering as they are practical. If you fancy emulating Ayda and picking up a pair for yourself, click (right) now to bag them for £75 at The Sports Edit.

Coronavirus fuels domestic violence in the Middle East

“Under these conditions, women are forced to react to the needs of the family to a large extent,” Suleiman said. “This means highly stressful situations daily. If they don’t meet the demands the way their husband wants them to, they run the risk of being physically abused.”