Who is Donald Trump?

Roy was famous in his own right. He was Joe McCarthy’s right-hand man and chief inquisitor during the Army-McCarthy hearings, which are famous or rather infamous now as an example of prosecution by innuendo and character assassination and one of the most disgraceful periods in American life, and Roy was the leader of that, and […]

What Happens When Actors Leave High-School-TV Shows?

Gossip Girl (6 seasons, 2007–2012)Connor Paolo (Eric van der Woodsen), Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams), Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphry)For Momsen: Season 4, episode 10, “Gaslit”; for Paolo and Szohr: Season 4, episode 22, “The Wrong Goodbye” (though all three would return for cameos in the series finale, “New York, I Love You XOXO”)What “happened”: By its […]

Cathy Freeman’s golden run

Credits:Reporting: Stephen HutcheonDesign: Alex PalmerDigital production: Mark DomanDevelopers: Katia Shatoba and Nathanael ScottProducer / Researcher: Carmen PratapImage creditsCathy Freeman smiles after winning gold at the Sydney Olympics, AAP: Dean LewisMarita Koch at the 1984 East German Athletics Championships, Supplied: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1984-0402-025 / CC-BY-SA 3.0Marie-José Pérec winning gold in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Reuters: Action […]

In the Closet of the Vatican by Frédéric Martel review – power, homosexuality and hypocrisy

It was a glimpse of the poisonous world that Frédéric Martel, himself gay, has spent five years researching for this book. In this place of make-believe, guilt and constant innuendo the prelates live in a tension between the dreadful fear of being outed and the loneliness of not being recognised for who and what they […]

‘Contact tracing’ helping Army wean youths away from terrorism: Lt Gen Raju

Majid came back after appeals of his mother reached him. An assurance was given that his life would change and that was ensured. “Today, he is in his final year studying outside Jammu and Kashmir and besides this I would refrain from divulging anything,” Lt Gen Raju said.