The Myth of the Central Park Five

What is fascinating to me about the Ryan document is how she wrestles with Reyes, so to speak, trying to reconcile his record of unrelenting malignity—he tried to rape a woman in a church—with his Come-to-Jesus moment that turned the case upside down. He felt impelled to come forward, he said, when he ran into […]

Face to face with Radovan Karadzic

This is an interview requested by Karadzic before I give official testimony the following day in open court. Ironically, when the witness unit’s call came out of the blue in August 2011, saying that “the defence” had requested an interview, I was driving through pluvial mist up a mountain track in Bosnia to attend the […]

Little Scalia

As such, there wasn’t much drama about where Gorsuch was leaning on the day of the union case. (The decision will be announced by the end of June.) As his first full term on the bench comes to an end — he was confirmed in April 2017, after a snippy but ultimately uneventful three days […]

Brexit: Ex-law chief joins rebellion and hits out at PM’s ‘unconscionable’ plan

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