Meet the Female Soviet Spy Who Could Have Killed Hitler and Prevented the Second World War

The story starts in 1938, at Hitler’s favorite restaurant, Osteria Bavaria, in Munich, where Alexander Foote, another Soviet spy, was dining with his companion. As Foote and his companion were passing a private room where the Fuhrer often dined, he noticed that Hitler’s guards failed to react when his companion reached into his jacket pocket […]

Army’s most senior officer rejects Donald Trump’s claim that generals pursue war to enrich defense firms saying troops are ONLY sent to fight as ‘a last resort’

Most of the military budget goes nowhere near the ‘industrial’ part of the complex, with the majority spent on pay and benefits, including veterans affairs, reflecting the cost both of professional armed forces and the ongoing care of those who served in earlier eras of mass mobilization and the most recent post-2001 conflicts. 

Children’s books by famed late author Võ Quảng reprinted

The novel Quê Nội was first published by Kim Đồng Publishing House in 1974. It tells the story of Cục, a boy from Quảng Nam’s Hòa Phước Village, the writer’s homeland, who lives during the nation’s August Revolutionary period in 1945. 

Robert Ludlum

And that’s right. His great talent was as a storyteller. Arguably, the key to Ludlum’s success was precisely the fact that he took a historically political genre, the spy thriller, and turned it into pure escapism by making everything larger than life. He did this both literally – his books got longer and longer as […]

Children’s books by famed late author reprinted

Themes of friendship, love and dreams, with highlights about Vietnamese culture and lifestyle, are featured in children’s books by the late author Vo Quang, a leading writer of contemporary literature. His books have been reprinted by the Kim Đồng Publishing House to celebrate the author’s 100th birthday anniversary. — Photo courtesy of the publisher The publication celebrates the […]

After Trump ‘betrayal’, ex-White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman touts warts and all book

‘Fire and Fury’: A look inside Donald Trump’s White House Ivanka Trump the ‘first woman president’? “Balancing risk against reward, both Jared (Kushner) and Ivanka decided to accept roles in the West Wing over the advice of almost everyone they knew … Between themselves, the two had made an earnest deal: If sometime in the […]

Russia Is Using Undercover Racists to Exploit Africa’s Anti-Racist Political Revolt

While the Prigozhin network has, true to form, utilized a vast web of fake Facebook and WhatsApp accounts to promote Russian interests, AFRIC has rather more substantial support from a number of pre-existing media networks. Two of the most prominent are Radio Revolution Panafricaine (or 2RP) and Afrique Media, which helped organize the conference where […]

Robert Massie, best-selling historian of Tsarist Russia whose ‘Nicholas and Alexandra’ became an Oscar-winning film – obituary

Massie’s interest in the Romanovs was sparked in the 1960s when his son was found to have haemophilia. While researching the disease, he spent long hours in the New York Public Library, where he became fascinated by the story of the Tsarevich Alexis, son of the last Russian emperor, who also, famously, was a haemophiliac.

Europe in turmoil: five years of economic crisis

• The deal, it says, will cut Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio to 120.5% of GDP by 2020, in line with previous targets. This will be achieved by private creditors taking a deeper cut on their existing Greek bonds, of 53.5% of their face value. The European Central Bank will also contribute, by passing the profits from […]

Christian Cooper has written a comic book partly inspired by his viral Central Park moment

Christian Cooper, the former Marvel Comics editor who famously recorded a racial profiling incident he experienced while birding in New York’s Central Park, has returned to the world of mainstream comic books. And his new story is partly inspired by that moment on Memorial Day, when he asked a White woman to abide by the […]