10 years on, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is still the best fantasy shopkeeper tycoon game

Financial FantasyThere’s a save-the-world quest buried in Recettear, but you might not even find it. That side of the story is entirely optional, with the mounting repayments your real concern. By the time you’ve got 200,000 pix due you’ll be scrambling for every coin. The punishment for failure isn’t too bad—you loop back to day […]

‘Topside’: Film Review | Venice 2020

The trespass notices that Little uses as drawing paper are the first clue that things are about to change drastically. In a brief and well-orchestrated scene, John confronts the eviction-minded MTA representatives who arrive, and as he stirs up distracting chaos, Nikki and Little flee. A subway station is the girl’s first shock to the […]

Review: ‘Artemis Fowl’ wasn’t worth the wait after all

The elder Fowl, a dealer of antiquities, is kidnapped and held hostage for a missing MacGuffin called the Aculos. The younger Fowl, relying on his father’s teachings and clues in his office, learns of the magical world his dad has long secretly trafficked in with the help of his bodyguard/butler (a dubious role, played by […]

Secret Girl: Decoding Kim Gordon’s Eternal Cool

Gordon grew up mostly in L.A. and came of age in the late ’60s, “too young to be a hippie but brushed by whatever rebellion and amped-up freedom there was in the air.” Her father was the first sociologist to research and name the archetypal cliques of American high schools; her mother was a seamstress […]

Why three Simpsons writers created a Clash of Clans animated series

While its characters are fairly well-known, thanks to the game’s massive popularity (Supercell’s lineup of games are played by an estimated 100 million people each day) and plentiful TV commercials that air during high profile sports events, Clash of Clans doesn’t actually have much of a story. That is, the writers claim, part of what […]