Why social commerce is the next big thing for brands to tap into

Facebook and Instagram are used for, well, social interactions while e-tail platforms are used for shopping. It’s still a different mental-mode where one has to switch from social to commerce. In the east, however, the convergence is more evident where the same app, like WeChat for instance, is used for social interaction and for shopping. […]

Fashion social network Roposo launches new chat-to-buy feature

Roposo’s chat-to-buy feature is set to alter the paradigm of social commerce in India by combining the best of two worlds; over 3 million Indian fashion lovers and more than 10,000 brands and small sellers.Until now, small businesses closed most of their online transaction on call or phone chats. However, they struggled to use a […]

Men can now buy clear plastic shorts – and they’re bound to make people blush

The company’s website says: “The next generation of transparent beach shorts is here! Berlin waterproof transparent shorts lime leave it totally up totally up to you if you wanna wear a colourful statement speedo underneath or just go bare for fun!

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Cases in 2020

No matter your taste, your phone needs a case Grab a great case for your Google Pixel 4a! The Pixel 4a is a great phone for an even greater price, but it isn’t the most flashy phone on the market. Thankfully, there are flashy, fashionable, and dependable cases out there you can grab to spice […]

Dynamo for development

Second, fundamental “ways of working “are holding e-commerce back from flourishing across the continent. For example, in China, 54 percent of the population use mobile payments for e-commerce purchases. Yet, due to lack of trust in products and delivery, 90 percent of customers across African countries pay cash on delivery. In rural locations this is […]

‘Top Chef’ Producer Magical Elves Names Casey Kriley & Jo Sharon As Co-CEOs

Prior to being named Co-CEO, Casey Kriley served as Magical Elves COO. Kriley joined the company at its founding in 2001, rising within the organization to EVP Current Programming and then COO, where she oversees current series while driving the mission, vision and values of the company. Throughout its history, she has been credited as […]

Wait, How Is the Weinstein Company Worth Nearly $500 Million?

As distressed assets go, the Weinstein Company has lately been causing its financial backers and shareholders no small amount of actual distress. Much of the mini-major studio’s brand value is inextricably tied to co-founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein and their alchemical skill at attracting top talent, squeezing maximum profit out of genre schlock, and reliably […]