McLaughlin completes Rookie Orientation Program at Indy

Regarding the scale of the Speedway, he responded, “It’s big enough without people in it. I can’t imagine what 400,000 would look like inside. I’ve only been around the side [of the track], I’ve never been in this sort of cathedral right here [front straight grandstands] in pitlane, so I can’t imagine what it’s gonna […]

Swede-sational: Linköping University to Build Country’s Fastest AI Supercomputer

“This new supercomputer will supercharge AI research in Sweden,” said Jaap Zuiderveld, vice president for EMEA at NVIDIA. “It will position Sweden as a leader in academic research, and it will give Swedish businesses a competitive edge in telecommunications, design, drug development, manufacturing and more industries.”

Leveraging strengths of the Bay Area

In February 2019, the law school of the University of Hong Kong announced the launch of a dual bachelor’s-degree program with Peking University in Beijing. Students of the program need to earn two bachelor’s degrees, one at each of the universities, within five years.

UA filmmakers’ big night: I Dream in Widescreen 2020

“My first piece of advice would be to tell simple stories really well, that’s the foundation for everything I do. Use all the tools at your grasp for almost every shot. Second, it’s okay that you don’t know everything,” Cegielski said. “The third is, you really have your whole life ahead of you as a […]

Does “The Bachelorette” Think We’re Stupid?

In the Bachelor world, everything had gone great. The eager fence jump, clearly, was just the desperate act of a man in love who wanted to risk it all for his beloved. In hindsight, wasn’t it hilarious and romantic? Randolph’s hesitation initially, which came after production flew her skeptical dad out to Portugal to talk […]

From visas to voting, international students express their thoughts on the upcoming election

“They’re worried about the elections,” Carvalho said. “Of course they don’t want Trump to get reelected because it’s going to give that sensation of insecurity, [where] they don’t know what’s going to happen. They don’t know if they’re going to be able to easily go to their countries to come back.” 

Pittsburgh Public Schools Looking For Substitute Teachers Ahead Of Return To In-Person Classes

District officials say they prioritize hiring substitutes with a Pennsylvania certification; however, the district also hires substitutes without a certification. Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree or 60 college credits and participation in the Teacher Prep Program.

Three Vietnamese among IELTS Prize winners of 2019-20

The IELTS Prize recognizes students who have excellent academic achievements while maintaining a strong aspiration to contribute their knowledge to society after graduation, said Steve Adams, director of examinations for the British Council in East Asia.

Akiolu @ 77: Salute to a philanthropic and tireless monarch

Working with a monarch whose high standard draws the best out of his subject can be undoubtedly demanding. Yet, several staff members and friends of the palace attest to Kabiyesi’s generosity in paying for them to go on religious pilgrimages; in having the tuition of their wards paid and in always sending financial gift whenever […]

Christian Coleman, world 100m champion, banned through Tokyo Olympics

The missed tests were Jan. 16, April 26 and Dec. 9, with the second instance specified as a filing failure. A filing failure, in this case, meant Coleman incorrectly filled out quarterly forms to notify drug testers where to find him, and received a strike when testers showed up to that location, and he was […]