47 La. firms make Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list

No. 3,463, AlliedPRA New Orleans, travel and hospitality, 90 percent, $3.7 million; No. 3,530, Bottom Line Equipment, construction, 88 percent to $72.9 million; No. 3,733, Hernandez Consulting, government services, 80 percent to $29 million; No. 3,829, Uncorked, food and beverage, 76 percent to $7.2 million; No. 4,313, Solomon Group, media, 60 percent, $21.5 million; No. […]

New Orleans entertainment business to add 86 new jobs

The company expects to offer average annual salary of $64,443 to new employees. For jobs which pay at least $45,000 per year, employers can claim payroll tax credits up to 15%, as part of the state incentive program. For jobs which pay at least $66,000 annually that payroll tax credit bumps up to 20%. 

Trump Officials Clashed in Oval Office Over Fate of TikTok Before 45-Day Ultimatum, Report Says

Treasury Department spokeswoman Monica Crowley refused to comment on the details of the conversation, adding that Trump relies “on strong, often opposing views, to reach decisions which are invariably in the best interests of the American people”. On Thursday, days after the reported conversation, Donald Trump gave TikTok’s parent company ByteDance until 15 September to […]

Are Indian automakers ditching EV in want of clear policy?

electric vehicle will appear if it faces a“bare it all mirror” today.The status is obviously anything but defined or clear, even after two-years of a strong statement from Nitin Gadkari (Union Minister of Transport and Highways) that almost triggered an urgency to adopt electric mobility. The status where the industry sits today, we have at […]

San Francisco Chinatown Business Woes Deepen as Pandemic Persists

Chinatown relies heavily on tourists and there are few of them around these days. The city has closed Grant Avenue for six blocks to allow for outdoor dining and businesses are being offered $500 grants to buy the equipment needed to bring their trade outdoors. Saturday, a group of friends calling themselves the Dim Sum […]

Top Car News Of The Week: Important Highlights In Four-Wheeler Segment From Previous Week

Most auto manufacture continues with the trend of launching new vehicles digitally. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way automaker announced its new products in the market. Whether this will become the new normal remains to be seen. Soon the Indian market will be added with a host of new SUVs across various segments.

Loving BTS: How one concert inspired me to follow my dreams

“I know they talk like you’re too naive~ (like) you’re too young but eventually, fools change the world. I believe that” This is what Kim Namjoon (aka RM), the leader of Korean music group BTS, told his fans one fine day in 2017. And on March 20, 2019, the septet group changed my world on […]

Iranian Protests Pose New Challenges To The Regime’s Future

Iranian protesters blame the regime for a lack of basic necessities because of its obsession with supporting violent terrorist proxies in Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Several videos showed protesters refusing to trample on images of the U.S. and Israeli flags. Protesters burned or tore down posters and banners bearing Soleimani’s image. […]

Zarka’s husband sliced off her nose. A surgeon offered to restore it for free

The operation is a step forward. But Zarka may need further surgery and a silicone implant to bring her nose closer to its original shape – treatment she cannot afford. She also cannot afford psychological counselling for the trauma of her assault and surgery – a part of the recovery process all too often overlooked.

Tales of the Cocktail, once on the rocks, finds new leaders, new calling as nonprofit

“There’s a lot of overlap in the issues that are important to us and that are important to the industry,” Solomon said. “Diversity, access, equity, addiction treatment — these are things we’re interested in as a family, things the city has a stake in and that the industry is calling out for. If we can […]