Ministers drag another 16 authorities into Tier Two as Britain creeps towards full lockdown – as UK confirms another 23,065 cases and 280 deaths

Both teams of scientists say there are major uncertainties in their studies, which are based on statistical modelling of test results. The Cambridge estimates are a couple of weeks out of date because they’re based on deaths, while Imperial’s predictions are ‘interim’ results and may be adjusted in the coming months when combined with longer-term […]

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden debate: DW fact check

Biden’s statement, however, needs to be put into context: According to the CDC, as of Thursday eight states have recorded more than 40 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days. Two of those, Montana and Wisconsin, are run by Democrats, and the six others are led by Republicans. In states that have recorded 25 to 40.0 new cases […]

2019 Infiniti QX50 Debuts With A Sculpted Design, VC-Turbo Engine

Update: 2019 Infiniti QX50 First Drive: Not Your Everyday SUV Infiniti Announces QX50 Price, Pre-Order Program With Lavish Gifts The 2019 QX50 is built atop a brand-new platform that’s 23 percent more rigid than the outgoing model. It allows for more room in the cabin, too. The SUV measures in at 66.1-inches (1,679 millimeters) tall, […]

Amazon Music adds podcasts at no extra cost in major markets

The new section is populated with several well-known podcasts including Crime Junkie, Revisionist History, Stuff You Should Know, Planet Money and What A Day, just to name a few. And starting in February 2021, it’ll be the exclusive home to Disgraceland, a popular podcast about musicians behaving badly.

Innovation: How IoT will revolutionize supply chain businesses

Also, Founder, Connected Finland, Tom Lindblad, said the IoT network, that Sigfox and IoT Africa provide, is enabling them to track things they never could have before. He said IoT connectivity are tracking assets along the supply chain and receiving alerts on anomalies such as unauthorized trailer detachments, virtually fence and manage herds, intercontinental sea-freight […]

Biden grilled on ‘transition’ away from oil and gas comment in Pennsylvania TV interviews

“What I said was, we’re gonna stop the subsidies for oil, which is about $40 billion. We’re going to take that money, invest it in new technologies for what they call carbon capture. We’re going to still need oil. We’re gonna still have combustion engines, We’re still going to need oil for many things, but […]

Coronavirus: West Yorkshire – including Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield – going into Tier 3 restrictions

More from Covid-19 Coronavirus: New data shows COVID-19 cases in Leeds care homes higher than spring peak Coronavirus: Oxford, Luton and parts of Yorkshire and Midlands to go into Tier 2 Coronavirus: Cyprus and Lithuania added to UK’s COVID-19 quarantine list Coronavirus: Another 23,065 COVID-19 cases and 280 deaths recorded in last 24 hours Coronavirus: […]

Judge halts Trump administration ban on TikTok downloads

Attorneys for TikTok argued Sunday morning during a dial-in hearing that a ban by the Trump administration would be “devastating,” and urged a judge to block it until the entire case can be decided. TikTok’s attorney said the ban that would prevent new downloads of TikTok from Apple and Google’s app stores at 11:59PM ET […]

Dozens of ancient penguin ‘mummies’ discovered at lost nesting site in Antarctica

Today, fast ice around Cape Irizar melts too late in the season to make the area a viable nesting site. But that will probably change in the near future, Emslie said. As fast ice melts earlier each year in response to global warming, penguins will have more and more time to colonize the cape and […]

Acura MDX Prototype Revealed, Previews Sharper SUV And Type S

The MDX Type S gets a turbocharged V6 and 355 horsepower. Acura pretty much nailed it with the latest iterations of the RDX crossover and TLX sedan. Both cars have been thoroughly redesigned and re-engineered to meet the growing needs of the luxury consumer. Now the three-row MDX is getting the same treatment, and our […]