Did Axe Steal ‘Shower Thoughts’ From Reddit?

As the Post points out, people online pass around shower thoughts unattributed all the time (there’s even a thread devoted to hunting them down). There’s a decent possibility that whoever wrote the ad thought it was just a general truism. Or an “African proverb.” What seems to have rubbed Redditors the wrong way this time […]

Grand Canyon National Park Officially Closes Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The Grand Canyon joins other tourist hotspots, including Elvis Presley’s Graceland outside Memphis, Tennessee and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Given that there have been so many closures the world over, along with 1.5 billion people engaging in some form of self-isolation, many have started to offer virtual tours of their locations online to […]

Elon Musk Is the Physical Embodiment of a Reddit Post

Musk is doing epic projects like building a cyborg dragon, or selling flamethrowers. He’s got an interest in logic and reason and reducing everything to mathematics, like when he suggested ranking journalists by trustworthiness. He also lashes out and calls people “pedos” when they criticize his ideas — the type of overreach that pseudonymous online […]

Bentley Quietly Debuted $3.5-Million Grand Convertible In Dubai

What makes it truly specially, other than the obvious body style change, is the lovely piece of wood applied onto the rear deck as seen on the aforementioned concept from three years ago. According to Shmee, it’s the largest single-piece of wood installed on a car and for this application it has been combined with […]

Bentley Grand Convertible concept drops its top in Los Angeles

Basically a convertible Mulsanne, the concept represents Bentley’s announcement that a new Azure is on the way with a retractable soft top and a very familiar design both inside and out. The concept seen here has received a Sequin Blue body paint complemented by “liquid metal” accents on the A pillars and hood.

Central pastor charged after defying coronavirus order to limit crowd sizes

“It’s a clear and present danger to the health of the community,” Wagner said in an interview. “You have 500 people who are going to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy and the doctor’s office after. It jeopardizes the health of everyone they came into contact with.”

Coronavirus: Police ordered not to check every car after ‘overreach’ claims

Derbyshire Police faced criticism after using drones to film walkers in the Peak District, while North Yorkshire Police stopped motorists at “checkpoints” last week and officers in Warrington were condemned for indicating people had been summoned to court for alleged offences including “driving due to boredom”.

Rob Gronkowski, Mojo Rawley Named Grand Marshals for Sunday’s NASCAR iRacing Event

Prior to Sunday’s race at the virtual Bristol Motor Speedway track, Gronkowski and Rawley will give the command for the drivers to start their digital engines. They won’t be in attendance at a track but will likely give the order from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. The race is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET […]

New PlayStation Store “Spring Sale” Discounts 500 of PS4’s Greatest Games

$10 and Under ARIZONA SUNSHINE — $9.99 — Normally $39.99 BORDERLANDS: GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION — $9.89 — Normally $29.99 BULLY — $8.99 — Normally $14.99 CREED: RISE TO GLORY — $8.99 — Normally $29.99 DEAD RISING 2 — $4.99 — Normally $19.99 DOOM — $7.99 — Normally $19.99 DOOM (1993) — $2.99 — […]

Coronavirus latest: Germany extends social distancing rules

The Bayreuth Festival cancelled All quiet on the Wagnerian front An older audience packed in close quarters in a sweltering theater: for virus transmission, a horrific scenario. The Bayreuth Festival 2020 has been called off, for the first time in its 144-year history due to an epidemic. Rehearsals for the new production of the opera […]