Nigeria Committee reopens submission portal for 2021 OSCARS

“The year has been a very peculiar one, and no one was prepared for what we are currently witnessing. From the lockdown due to the pandemic to the ‘new normal’ of social distancing, activities and events previously scheduled have either been cancelled, suspended, or slowed down, and Nollywood was not left out.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death time missing in autopsy: AIIMS report to CBI

The source further said that the missing timing of death was another point where the doctors have raised concerns apart from uncertainty a about the substance that was found in his stomach. The source explained that the focus on the contents of the stomach highlights what Sushant had for dinner on the intervening night of […]

Herald case: Hearing against Sonia, Rahul on Dec 9

Mr. Swamy had accused Ms. Sonia and Mr. Rahul Gandhi and others of conspiring to cheat and misappropriate funds by paying just Rs. 50 lakh by which YI obtained the right to recover Rs. 90.25 crore which the Associated Journals Limited had owed to the Congress party.

Google: Here are 4 reasons your Android app will get booted from the Play Store

“Without this clarity, apps may get enforced for having deceptive / disguised ads. One of the ways to avoid such mistakes is by explicitly calling these out by labeling the buttons and links as ‘More Apps’, ‘More Games’, ‘Explore’, ‘Check out our other apps’,” warned Andrew Ahn, a product manager for Google Play App Safety.

Here’s why a US court has asked ISRO’s commercial arm to pay $1.2 billion compensation to an Indian startup

A US court has asked Antrix Corporation, the commercial arm of Indian Space Research Organisation, to pay compensation of USD 1.2 billion to a Bengaluru-based startup, Devas Multimedia, for cancelling a satellite deal in 2005. As per the agreement in January 2005, Antrix agreed to build, launch and operate two satellites and to make available […]