Airplane cell phone calls won’t be allowed in US any time soon

For example, US Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in December 2013 that his department would consider imposing its own ban on in-flight calls. In February 2014, the US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted to ban cell phone calls during flights.

How does a Sturgis-sized crowd affect COVID-19? It’s complicated

Based on cell phone data, though, 90 percent of the rally-goers came from places outside the state. Yet when you look at the counties identified by the Sturgis study authors as contributing the highest number of attendees, you don’t see similar surges. According to their model, in the three weeks following the rally, Covid-19 infections […]

US election 2020 latest news: Twitter flags Trump’s tweet telling NC voters to make ‘ballot count’ by ‘voting twice’

The social media giant said his post violated “the Twitter Rules about civic and election integrity” in a warning label and hid the content – with the option to view it – preventing people from liking, replying, or retweeting it.

Virgil: Are the Democrats Fighting Racism or Helping Themselves with Vote by Mail?

As the Reno Gazette-Journal reported, while Sisolak’s proclamation is ostensibly aimed at the epidemic, its wording will have the effect of making “long-term change across all sectors of government, including education, housing, and criminal justice.” Thus we can see: The “emergency” provides Sisolak & Co. with an opportunity to do all sorts of things, and one of those things […]

Bay Briefing: Finally, ‘some hope’ that smoky air will start to clear

The North Complex Fire roared through the small mountain town early last week, leaving death and destruction behind. The 12 fatalities confirmed Saturday, two identified from Berry Creek, were the result of a confluence of factors, according to locals. Strong winds pushed the fire straight toward the town, leaving little chance for warning. A planned […]

As a Black Refugee in America, I Know My Life Is in Danger Here Too | Opinion

My mother and I escaped and flew to Ecuador, then made our way to Mexico, a common route for refugees and immigrants from Africa. It took us over a week to cross the Darién Gap, a stretch through one of the most dangerous jungles in the world that bridges Colombia and Panama. We survived, but […]

AT&T hopes you’ll forget its years-long fight against accurate broadband maps

We need to telescope our broadband maps from the macro, census-block level to the micro, building level to understand with more precision where broadband is unavailable. The government’s existing mapping methodology is past its shelf life. Currently, it does not identify the exact number and location of households that do not have meaningful broadband service, […]

Hakeem al-Araibi: power, politics, football and the will of the people

Bahrain hauled in Australia’s ambassador and said publicly it was now requesting Australia extradite al-Araibi – an impossible request. It was dismissed as an act of face-saving but again, it didn’t matter because he was going to come home.