Does Google really want third-party app stores on Android or are they a ‘necessary evil’?

Google does go on to say that the best way to “reach the broadest possible audience” (read: be successful) is to use a marketplace like Google Play, but there are no real restrictions. You don’t even have to use Google’s official Android Developer Suite or pay any money for access to Android’s Open-Source set of […]

Coronavirus: 102 Jet2 pilots to be made redundant, union says

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Facebook says Apple’s 30% cut is hindering its plans to help SMBs generate revenue online

Facebook said that Apple refused to waive off the 30 percent App Store fee and also denied the company from using its own payments processing system. This, in turn, would mean that page owners and event creators who use the iOS app would only make 70 percent of the total revenue they earn.

Apple stumbled into a war with the gaming industry, and the future of iOS is at stake

Earlier this summer, Apple also found itself in a huge showdown with Basecamp, the company behind a new email service Hey that Apple barred from updating its iOS app over disagreements about how the app was designed and whether it should have to fork over the App Store cut. Similar to a cloud gaming platform, […]