‘Cardio just makes you a smaller version of what you already are’: Fitness coach reveals why ditching the treadmill for weights is the secret to a perfectly toned figure

Dione said shifting your routine from cardio to weights is only the start of multiple changes that should be implemented into a regular exercise routine to build a ‘dream’ physique. 

Greek restaurant reveals how it replies to influencers who ask for free food by offering to donate a meal to charity instead – and claims NOBODY has ever taken them up on the offer

Another added: ‘Most of the people who actually have influence have influence in one specific area and have enough fans that people are OFFERING for them to use their product. If you’re at a level where you’re begging to “influence” for their product, you have very little actual influence.’

‘Completely flattering’: You can currently snap up this bestselling maxi dress on Amazon for just £16.99 (and watch the compliments roll in)

If you’re looking for a new summer dress then you might be interested in the hype around the OUGES Women’s V-Neck Summer Maxi Dress on Amazon. With over 5,700 reviews on the mega-site, the dress has become a favourite summer buy, with shoppers raving about its ‘flattering fit’.

From Ma’am with love! The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William wish Meghan Markle happy birthday on Instagram as the Duchess turns 39 in LA days before release of bombshell biography

Before they were engaged, Harry gave a bombshell statement from Kensington Palace condemning the press while confirming Harry’s new girlfriend, upsetting Charles who didn’t know about the statement until 20 minutes before. Pictured: Prince Harry and Prince William walk behind Charles, and the Queen at Westminster Abbey. Also pictured: Duchesses of Cornwall (front), Cambridge (middle) […]

Diary of a friendship deepened by despair: It’s summer’s most shattering book – the bond of tears and love that drew two mothers together when they both faced losing a child

We sit in silence for the rest of the journey. I can’t get away from the image of Pat sitting waiting for news. I decide something is better than nothing and text to tell her I am sending love, that I can’t imagine what she is going through. She texts straight back: ‘The answer is […]

New York City nurse shares horrifying photos of the third-degree BURNS that women have suffered after giving themselves at-home chemical peels as she warns others against trying it in lockdown

Zoe Gazola, 35, who works at an NYC clinic and specializes in skincare procedures, told BuzzFeed News this week that a lot of women are asking her for advice after buying illegal DIY chemical peels online and suffering injuries to their faces, sometimes as bad as third-degree burns.  

Hanging ten! Amazing images show eight-year-old rescue dog Sugar SURFING in California

‘Everybody has soft boards – soft boards. What do I show up with? I show up with a rocket ship made of fibre glass. If we’re going to win this, we’re going to catch a bomb. That’s how you make these moments.

Three-year-old girl with severe spina bifida whose mom was told to get an abortion defies doctors’ grim expectations that she’d be paralyzed for life by learning to walk

‘Harper is very motivated to walk around Disney World to go see her favorite friends, go on rides and follow the parades down Main Street at Magic Kingdom as she waves goodbye to Mickey Mouse at the end of the Festival of Fantasy Parade, whereas at home, Harper is not nearly as motivated to only […]