This ‘Steven Universe’ Ska Cover Is Out of This World

Folks involved in the origin and continued creation of Steven Universe have been sharing the cover over on Twitter. Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, tweeted “WOW amazing!!!” while Steven Universe alum Ian Jones-Quartey tweeted “this is SO good” and fellow alum Ben Levin was even more effusive.

Rob Paulsen on Working Through a Hollywood Shutdown, Upcoming Animaniacs Reboot, and More

The reason I mention that [Dinklage and Brand] is that Maurice said it one day. It was very funny. Because people ask us often, years ago when there were rumors. There have been rumors about a reboot for years. We were doing a Q&A at one convention one year. Maurice said, “God, you know, I […]

The 25 best movies on HBO right now

Detective Pikachu You thought catching augmented reality Pokémon with your smartphone in your backyard was cool? The fictional world of Rhyme City will blow your mind. In Detective Pikachu, Rhyme City is a place where humans and Pokémon are united, bonded to one another sort of like a dog and its human. They work together […]

Fran Drescher and Original Cast of The Nanny Will Reunite for Virtual Table Read

“We are SO excited to be working on the Broadway musical The Nanny,” Drescher and Jacobson said in a statement. “We’re equally excited that the wildly talented Rachel Bloom will be writing the lyrics and music with the fantastic Adam Schlesinger, and to have the brilliant Marc Bruni directing.”

She’s a top CEO and serial glassceiling smasher, who interviewed Fidel Castro in her swimsuit and is best friends with Jane Fonda. In her uplifting bestseller Pat Mitchell says: Why women over SIXTY cope so well in a crisis and will emerge STRONGER than ev

HOW TO MAX YOUR SIXTIES BY PAT MITCHELL  Wise up about money. In my 40s, at the end of a relationship, I learnt I wasn’t on the deeds of the house I paid for in equal parts. Learn from my cautionary tale. Today, I hire a financial manager.Get in the room where decisions are made.Identify […]

Sit down, Jake Gyllenhaal. Lolo Jones just won the Tom Holland handstand challenge

Jones, for the record, is a self-described “tough chick,” as well as a champion hurdler, track star and bobsledder. She’s one of the rare athletes who has competed in both the summer and winter Olympic Games.