Serialized Fiction App Radish Gets $63M Funding, Opens LA Office & Eyes TV Opportunities

“With its own fast-paced original content production, Radish is best positioned to become a leading player in the global online fiction market,” said JP Lee, CEO and Managing Partner of SoftBank Ventures Asia. “Radish has proven that its serialized novel platform can change the way people consume online content, and we are excited to support […]

Ben Carson on Schools Reopening: Use Real Science Not Science Fiction

Dr. Ben Carson, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and a member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet as the Secretary of House and Urban Development (HUD), said on Monday that science should guide decisions of reopening the country’s schools in the wake of the coronavirus.

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver review – a powerful lament for the American dream

Kingsolver uses interwoven timelines to trace the lives of two families living in the house a century and a half apart. Freelance writer Willa Knox inherits the home in 2016, at a fortuitous moment: her academic husband, Iano, recently lost tenure, the couple care for his ailing father and their bohemian daughter, Tig, has returned […]

Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver – review

Much is also made of the Turnbows’ poverty, almost to the point of overkill. Two lengthy scenes are devoted to shopping visits to low-rent supermarkets in which the family’s financial tribulations are outlined in unflinching detail. Later, Dellarobia is quizzed by a self-righteous eco-campaigner about her lifestyle, only to discover that her poverty makes her […]

Watson the front of your letter! Sherlock Holmes is honoured in new set of stamps featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as the famous detective and new book cover illustrations

Richard Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great nephew, said: ‘In the first chapter of my great uncle Arthur’s famous Sherlock Holmes novel, The Sign Of Four, Sherlock remarks upon the sheet of stamps in Watson’s desk – imagine his consternation if it turned out to be this sheet of stamps! What would he have deduced from […]

For the Good Times by David Keenan – review

Keenan generates an anarchic voltage from how suddenly events change direction, or get catastrophically out of hand. But as Sammy suspects infiltration and betrayal afoot, his tale – part farce, part history lesson – offers the conventional pleasures of a thriller, too, while reminding us how the rights and wrongs of any conflict are always […]

NTR To Be Seen In 6 Different Breathtaking Avatars In Rajamouli’s RRR!

As per rumours, Tarak will be sporting 6 different get-ups for the movie that will have him attacking and eluding the Britishers. Interestingly, his character in RRR will have negative shades, which is very unusual from his past roles. Well, we can’t help but wait to see him in the breathtaking Komaram Bheem avatar.

Action Sequel Attracts 1 Million Viewers in About a Week

The action film is about a fictional trilateral summit between the two Koreas and the U.S., as leaders of the countries are confined in a nuclear-powered submarine after a military coup in the North.

Interview: Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan strives for evergreen writing creativity

From the perspective of literature and arts, Mo said a writer or an artist, who becomes mature, rigidified and unchanged at an early age, presages an end of creation, while being a late bloomer means having a spirit that always pursues innovation and transformation.

Paper Mario: The Origami King review – a hilarious postmodern delight

The simple Princess-Peach-Has-Been-Kidnapped-Again story is just a frame that allows the game to play with you as you’re playing it, tongue firmly in cheek. Every crumpled-up Toad hidden in a bush knows it is a Toad, knows it is made of paper and has something scathing to say about being hidden in a bush in […]