Nearly 60 Percent of U.S. Workers Won’t Be Able to Meet Their Basic Financial Needs Under One-Month Coronavirus Quarantine, Survey Shows

SHRM also found that small businesses will be greatly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Half of small businesses in the U.S. can’t afford to pay employees for a full month under quarantine conditions. More than half of small businesses expect to see a loss in revenue somewhere between 10 and 30 percent. The group surveyed […]

Economists Warn Full Recovery Could ‘Take Years’ as Fed Index Sees Worse Collapse Than During the Great Recession

The consultancy Capital Economics said in an update that it forecasts the global economy to fall by more than 3 percent in 2020, down from its previous forecast of around 3 percent growth. Such a slip would mark the worst year since 1945, when global gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 5.5 percent. “Most of […]

Let’s change the way we do sport in New Zealand after the coronavirus crisis

Not only is a demand going to be created for us to watch our own sportsmen and women compete among themselves, circumstances have arisen which might suddenly make that affordable again.

Mortgage securities rebound as Fed starts buying, concerns persist

Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) have been slammed this month on concerns that non-payment of loans will rise as U.S. economic activity grinds to a halt, and that the Fed is focusing its attention on thawing the market in U.S. Treasury debt and not enough on mortgage-backed securities.

RPT-Mortgage securities rebound as Fed starts buying, concerns persist

On Friday, in the first open market operation with a new commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) program, the New York Fed bought $1.04 billion of the $1.83 billion that was offered in a sign of eagerness by dealers to offload. The Fed said it would buy $3 billion in agency CMBS next week in similar operations.

Coronavirus crisis leaves backpackers broke, stranded in Australia

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:This year you should get the flu shot as soon as possible rather than waitingTax time will be different this year and here’s what you should be doing now

Ways in which your credit cards can help you overcome a crisis

Dealing with an abrupt, damaging financial event like a cut in your working hours is difficult enough. Doing so in the middle of a global pandemic, as new cases of COVID-19 emerge daily and major U.S. cities essentially shut down, can be overwhelming. But if that’s where you are now or fear you soon could […]

Financial help for airlines ‘should come with strict climate conditions’

They also want a new fiscal regime that includes a frequent flyer levy or air miles levy, replacing air passenger duty, which would reduce demand without removing access to flights from those with limited alternatives or limited resources, by shifting the tax burden to frequent leisure flyers. About half of people in the UK do […]

Economic Recovery From COVID-19 Pandemic Will Take Several Years – Swedish Government

“We believe it will take several years for the economy to recover”, the finance minister said at the press conference. Extensive fiscal measures and falling tax revenues are expected to lead to “major public deficits”. The public sector’s financial savings are expected to decline this year to minus 3.8 percent of GDP. However, according to […]

Asia’s factory activity plunges as coronavirus shock deepens

“Things are likely to get a lot worse in the months ahead,” Alex Holmes at Capital Economics said in a note to clients, nothing the survey period for the PMIs likely didn’t capture more recent lockdowns such as those in Malaysia and Thailand.