Microsoft Skype rolls out ‘Meet now’, allows video calls without signing up or downloading the app

Notably, the ‘Meet Now’ feature offers other Skype features like recording the video call, blurring the background, screen sharing, etc. Skype notes that the video recordings are stored for up to 30 days, and shared media even longer. Moreover, the Skype video call link works on any device.

News updates from Hindustan Times at 5 PM: Assam may start permit system for entry after Covid-19 lockdown ends, says minister and all the latest news

China is carrying out a large-scale “seroprevalence” survey to check for Covid-19 antibodies in the population of Wuhan where the novel coronavirus first emerged late last year before spreading rapidly in three months to trigger a global pandemic. Read more

Lockdown Days: This short film shows how tough times inspire creative minds

The over 8-minute long short film revolves around a couple who barely spends time with each other. The husband is busy in his professional life, and the wife is busy making new friends. Their lives run on parallel tracks with no meeting point in sight.

Vietnam accuses China of serious violation of sovereignty at ASEAN meeting

The 52nd ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Post Ministerial Conferences and Related Meetings are held in Bangkok from July 29 to August 3 with participations of representatives from more than 30 countries, including U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Textile giant’s top official appeals to govt to act in timely fashion lest job loss occurs

“Apart from this, we see no other solution. We’re otherwise extremely stretched in this time of crisis,” said the official, whose company is one of Pakistan’s biggest exporters and employs about 15,000 people. He added that there had been no follow-up on the federal government’s promise of delayed bill payments, saying his firm was “receiving […]

CPI(M) demands all-party meeting on crisis

In a letter to the Chief Minister, Mr. Balakrishnan requested him to allot time to discuss the issues. He said while it was a matter of great relief that there was no community transmission of COVID-19, there was a view on extending the lockdown in case more and more people tested positive for the pandemic […]

Neigh sweat! Meet the winner of the virtual Grand National who didn’t even need to leave the paddock

Potters Corner’s trainer Mr Williams, a former jockey himself, said after the race: ‘I’m delighted, it’s great, and great to cheer everyone up, stuck in their houses in tough times – I think even people from outside of racing were tuned in.’ 

​Millions of bank cards left unused as Vietnamese lenders rush to meet targets

Many people have been persuaded to register for two to three different credit cards issued by different banks to “earn points from or enjoy promotions for their purchases,” while they do not really have a need for them, according to Dao Minh Tuan, the association’s chairman.

Interplay of beauty, love, style and ideas as Art meets Real Estate

In their artistic statement, “Art over the years has shaped our culture and has become an intrinsic part of our life. Expressing class and prestige, it defines human creativity and value for aesthetic. Art is boundless and universal. It is the one language everyone speaks and translates beauty across cultures and time; it is infinite.” […]

Revealed: Blair’s offer to meet masked IRA leaders

Powell admits to the Guardian today that Blair lavished attention on Sinn Féin for the simple reason that it had direct influence over people who controlled weapons. “Seamus Mallon’s [the former deputy leader of the SDLP] complaint is that we talked to Sinn Féin because they had the guns. My answer to that is: yes […]