Coronavirus pandemic | Pakistan, World Bank in talks for $200 million loan

So far, the Punjab government appears to be the most ill-prepared while the Sindh government has done well. The project has been undertaken to procure equipment and consumables for 200 hospitals, including 44 tertiary-level hospitals, for effective clinical management of the confirmed cases. Personal protective equipment will be procured for 200 hospitals, 10 quarantine sites […]

Australia must help Pacific neighbours fight coronavirus, aid groups say

“I think there is a moral imperative that if we really want things to return to normal in Australia, we have to think about how we also make it return to normal within our region and more broadly as quickly as we can.”

North Korea testing, quarantining for COVID-19, still says no cases: WHO representative

“As of 2 April, 709 people – 11 foreigners and 698 nationals – have been tested for COVID-19. There is no report of a COVID-19 case. There are 509 people in quarantine – two foreigners and 507 nationals,” Dr. Edwin Salvador, the WHO Representative to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), said in an […]

Turkey downs two Syrian fighter jets as it intensifies Idlib attacks

The Syrian military had not previously lost more than one jet fighter on a single day throughout the eight-year war, which had been mainly fought through a myriad of proxies. A Turkish F-16 shot both planes down after Turkey lost a drone to Syrian fire. The downing of the jets was acknowledged by both sides […]

Google’s location tracking designed to target ads is being used by POLICE to solve cold cases – and innocent people are being caught in the ‘dragnet’

In April 2017, the European Union announced proposed laws to force technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook to hand over users’ data to European law enforcement officials even when it is stored on servers outside the bloc. 

F1 team Mercedes to deliver 10,000 breathing aids to the NHS to help care for coronavirus patients

CPAP machines help to keep patients’ airways open and increase the amount of oxygen entering the lungs by pushing air and oxygen into the mouth and nose at a continuous rate. UK-based Formula One teams are also helping to produce thousands of ventilators desperately needed by the country’s National Health Service.

Coronavirus: Why has Turkmenistan reported no cases?

As the Covid-19 map gets covered by growing red circles, several countries still haven’t registered a single case of infection, including one of the most repressive states in the world – Turkmenistan. Many experts are concerned its government may be hiding the truth, which could disrupt attempts to end the pandemic.

‘We are beginning to see change’: UK’s chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance offers signs of hope as coronavirus cases start to flatten despite bleakest day yet with 786 new deaths – but Dominic Raab warns lockdown WON’T end yet

Birmingham: An NHS Nightingale hospital at the National Exhibition Centre will add an initial 500 beds, with the potential to grow to 2,000 if necessary.Manchester: An NHS Nightingale hospital at the Central Convention Complex will add 500 beds, with the capacity to expand to 1,000.Glasgow: The NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital is being built at the […]

Tehran Urges Washington to Stop Hindering Oil Sales as Number of COVID-19 Cases in Iran Tops 60,000

Moreover, the White House has faced multiple calls from UN member states, such as Russia, China, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and even lawmakers from inside Congress to lift the sanctions regime against Iran, as well as other nations, during the coronavirus pandemic. However, these calls have not been heeded so far.

Covid is pushing world economy to the brink. Is India immune?

The coronavirus and lockdown-induced recession have fueled huge distress in India. A third connected problem has been the crash in stock markets. A fourth misfortune, an extension of the third, is now threatened by loan defaults by developing countries that could snowball into a further panicky exit of dollars from all emerging markets, including India. […]