The Sequence: The Funked-Up Legacy of Hip-Hop’s First Ladies

Though their labelmates in the Sugarhill Gang were often regarded as New Jersey interlopers, the Sequence have nothing but good memories of their time crashing hip-hop’s ground zero: “Herc, all of ’em,” says Cook, “everybody respected us.” She remembers showing up at the home of hip-hop nightlife in 1979, Disco Fever, in their colorful and […]

Nina Simone: the growing legacy of a dazzling, defiant talent

Nina Simone always felt underappreciated during her lifetime. She had a right to. After 1960, her albums never put more than a dent in the lower end of the pop charts. And her singles made no greater impression. More, the press, the industry and even some audiences found her uncompromising performances and adamant character either […]

Sex, Drugs, and the Glory Days of NYC Nightlife: Peter Gatien Looks Back

The world in which Gatien operated was crawling with characters of ill repute. One such character was promoter Michael Alig. In 1996 Alig, doped out on a mix of heroin, cocaine, rophynol, and ketamine, murdered fellow club kid Angel Melendez. The brutal nature of the killing — Drano was used in some capacity and body […]

Grammy President Neil Portnow Says 2019 Nominations Reflect the ‘Excellent’ Work Done by Women This Year

“What I will say that applies to her is artists that are unique and listen to the beat of their own drum, have their own vision and perspective and that have courage and guts and who are determined to pursue their art on their own terms are the ones that typically have the most impact […]

Taylor Swift’s Video Director Joseph Kahn Has Something to Say to Her Haters

So I, myself, was trying to figure out how I incorporate, not African-Americans, but Africans, because this took place in Africa. One of my ideas was to make it with an African director, but we knew what was going to happen: It would be accused of whitewashing history and pretending apartheid didn’t exist. So on […]