Russia defies calls to halt Victory Day parade rehearsals

The virus has wreaked havoc on an important political season in Russia. Putin has already delayed a symbolic public vote on constitutional amendments that would allow him to run for another two terms as president, potentially ruling until 2036. A major business forum in St Petersburg scheduled for June has also been cancelled.

Coronavirus: All the new release dates for films delayed due to COVID-19

Harrison Ford is once again due to reprise one of his most famous roles, but not for a bit longer. Originally set to launch in the summer of 2021, it has now been pushed back to July 2022.

Masters angling for November dates amid coronavirus pandemic

“We want to emphasize that our future plans are incumbent upon favorable counsel and direction from health officials,” Ridley said. “Provided that occurs and we can conduct the 2020 Masters, we intend to invite those professionals and amateurs who would have qualified for our original April date and welcome all existing ticket holders to enjoy […]

China: Could Trump’s Trade War & Stricter Local Controls Extend Summer Hollywood Movie Blackout To October?

Regarding censorship, we’re told the steady crackdown is designed primarily for Chinese films, TV and other entertainment, not so much for American titles. The current issues with the U.S. are not unrelated, however, and Xi has talked in speeches about the problems of the external environment and the need to tighten ideological control domestically so […]

Whale sharks: Atomic tests solve age puzzle of world’s largest fish

While the species has recently been upgraded from threatened to endangered on the IUCN Red List, the scientists believe that their work will help efforts at conservation.

Quibi: A Promising Start for the Newest Participant in the Streaming Wars

I had previously mentioned the beautiful UI and yes, it’s really something gorgeous from the moment you open the app. Everything is super clean and leads to incredible user experience, at least as of now. With just 24 programs or so available on the service at launch, it has yet to be seen what kind […]

Coronavirus: ‘War-like situation’ in Italy – Hellas Verona president Setti

Gravina said the proposed date of May 17 to restart Serie A remains a possibility, but he insisted it would be best to allow 2019-20 to finish much later this year if necessary, rather than declare the season cancelled.

Cold War Nuclear Tests Reveal Age of World’s Largest Fish for First Time Ever

​Carbon-14 has been subsequently used by archaeologists and historians to date ancient bones and artefacts. Researchers measured the carbon-14 levels in growth rings of two long-dead whale sharks - analysis showed one of the specimens to be 50 years old at the time of death.

Is Quibi Crazy Enough to Actually Work?

In the end, the execs decided things were too far along to delay the launch, and instead settled on expanding a planned two-week trial offer to a full three months for anyone who signs up for the ad-supported version of Quibi by April 30. “We tried to strike a balance in assessing those things, and […]

Watch: Dog’s Super Volleyball Skills Sends Twitter Into Frenzy

With all sporting action almost at a complete standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, social media has become the new playground for professionals and fans alike. From fitness drills to trick shots, some sports stars have become quite active on platforms like Twitter, and that has been reciprocated by fans who have put out unique […]